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#shiloh2013: Unveiling the Exceeding Riches of Grace: STRENGTH. Day 2.

By Bishop David Oyedepo.

Prov 23:18
For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off.

An end has come to that concern in your life!

Satan has no permission to be present here, therefore whatever is not permitted in Zion must die in your life in Jesus name!

Whatever Jesus died for that is not visible in your life must be restored tonight in Jesus name.

Whatever the liberation mantle covers is your right to receive tonight in Jesus name.

STRENGTH: Rev 5:12.

Strength means health and vitality.
Health means sickness free, while vitality means unique energy.

The price has been fully paid for you to be full of energy.

I am speaking the words of the Spirit, sickness is dropping!

Ps 107:20-21, he sent his word and healed them.

You have been bought with a price, therefore glorify God in your body.

Whatever does not glorify God in your body, I curse it in Jesus name.

Sickness does not glorify God, healing does. That sickness drops now in Jesus name!

Every gang up against your destiny is scattered tonight in Jesus name.

Strength is one treasure of redemption purchased for us by Christ.

When you are redeemed, healing and deliverance becomes your right. God is under necessity to provide for us who are members of his household.

Mt 15:26.

Sickness is not from God. When you are saved, the healing bread becomes your natural entitlement.

When God speaks everything hears.
When God speaks the dead hear.
Everything called dead in your body, receive life in the name of Jesus!

Understand that you are under the cloud of the liberation mandate.

Isaiah 53:4
Jesus was afflicted for your sake and my sake. You don’t pay for any goods twice. Anything Jesus did, He did for you and for me. Death can’t take you for a ride anymore. Jesus was smitten, so I can be free.
I challenge every foul spirit of infirmity, disability, torment, affliction, buffeting anyone, be free in Jesus name.

Jesus has taken your pain and my pain.

Say, ‘I am free!’

The last sickness you saw in your life is the last you’ll ever see. Be free in the name of Jesus.

The balm in Gilead ordained for your healing. Luke 5:17; 6:16-17.

Your cripple leg is walking right now!

A Picture of Health and Vitality.
Moses. Deut 34:7. His eyes were never dim.
Acts 3:22.
Prophetically you are rooted in divine health and unique energy.
Redemption connects you to the prophetic roots of Moses.

Sickness-free life and unique energy, you have that in Christ!

There is more energy in this body, than there was 32 years ago!

Every weakness, sickness, is consumed in the name of Jesus.
Every seed of sickness is rooted out in the name of Jesus.
Abraham lived a sickness-free life till 175, and then slept. I command every weakness turned into strength in Jesus name.

Psalm 51:12- ‘Restore to me the joy of salvation.’
Salvation spurs joy.
‘My joy is rooted in Him, not in the happenings.’
When there is no joy, your salvation is questionable.
I have never needed encouragement in 46 years of my walk with God. The joy of salvation overwhelms all my problems.

DIVINE ENERGY. The joy of the Lord shall be your strength.

Joyful people don’t lose energy. They are always just flying.

[While the message was still on, 23 years blind eyes just got opened! Thank you Jesus]

The failure proof weapon for automatic response – the Mercy of God.

The mercy of God is the cheapest access to encountering the healing virtue.

God says, ‘I will never forget you.’

Every child is a vessel of mercy.
Matt. 9:22-23

Everyone that calls for mercy is getting it tonight.

God’s mercy is inexhaustible; everyone that calls for mercy tonight will get his healing and vitality in Jesus name.

No accusation of the devil using your past has meaning to God.

God wants you delivered first. James 5:14-15.

It takes faith for your call for mercy to work.

Somebody’s mess will be cleansed by the mercy of Jesus.

God will heal you first, it doesn’t matter what you have done!

The mercy of God will deliver maximally by the faith of man.

Healing is the children’s bread. You must become a child of God before you can enjoy the healing.

Give your life to Christ today!

Pray this prayer, Lord Jesus, have mercy on me; come into my life and be Lord and Savior of my life.

Thank you Father, for I am now your child.

Cry out for mercy and God will give you health and vitality.

Ike Amadi
Co-ordinator, #LA130

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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