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Solo Nig.

Not many an article have I written about individuals. This one is worth writing.

You hear of Abraham Lincoln, and never a motivational speaker gives a speech without saying, Lincoln said this or Roosevelt said that.

We however easily forget the few who do something right under our roofs and abodes.

Today, I chose to say a few words about the passion I find evident in a friend and colleague.

Why friend?

He is a friend because no matter the indifference we display on the field of play, we always apologize to make peace reign in our midst.

Why colleague?

He is a colleague because we have both pioneered the Nigerian football team for the past few years.

Within these few years, we have won some medals as well as won a few friendly matches…and lost some too.

Because there are two fellows named Solomon in my dorm, I saved his name as ‘Solo Nig.’.

Solo is passionate about one thing: Nigeria. When I was active in the student community, he would always come to me with plans I hitherto see as unrealizable.

He channeled that passion into the Nigerian football team in my university and has worked hard to make it a ‘team’.

Normally, we would only have trainings when we have a game in view; with Solo’s intervention, however, we must train all the time. He would draw up the list of players in the team, contact them one by one, and make sure we meet to play.

Solo would also provide jerseys for the team, whether or not the players refund the money for the said items.

When I ask why, he says, ‘I love Nigeria. I love football.’

Solomon made my job as captain of the team very prestigious as well as easy as he would do all the leg work before any game.

Although we disagreed on many issues, we have since come to understand ourselves.

Yesterday, we shelved our responsibilities as leaders of the team after Solo intuitively organized a meeting of the team, from whence he was conferred the title, ‘Sponsor!’.

New leaders have come up, yet it appears as though his passion has doubled.

I wish him all the best in all his life endeavors.

I know the experience he has garnered from co-leading a team of young and hot-blooded Nigerians will be useful to him in his life’s journey.

I know tomorrow, he will see me and say,

‘My president!’

And I will answer,

‘My sponsor!’

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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