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Something Fresh: Foolish Critics! by @ikeamadi

Foolish Critics

So, my younger brother, Kelechi Amadi, whom I haven’t seen for nearly a year now, sits to talk with me. He is a graduate of Accounting from the University of Abuja, Nigeria.

We talk about a lot of stuff and he tries to get my opinion on so many issues. He mentions cases of folks in his university who frustrate him based on certain things they cannot understand. Things with regards to his demeanor.

I show him an article of mine, ‘The Magnet Called Value’ where I treated issues like being ignored or being constantly frustrated by the actions and inactions of persons. Persons who do not love us or want to be associated with what we do. After reading the article, he continues to air other issues which we try to discuss further.

I was trying to advise him on an issue and was to use one of David Oyedepo’s quotes. At the mention of the name, David Oyedepo, the dude interjects with, ‘Is he not the one who slapped a lady?’ That actually got me a little upset. ‘How does what I am discussing with you – Something that will better your life and future, something that will widen your horizon and cause you to excel in all you do – relate with his slapping a lady?’ I questioned.

I do not seek to justify that act, nor do I seek to belabor the much discussed subject. What I seek to point out is this: Why attack the personality or work of someone you can easily learn from?
Our generation is one whose potential is marred with pride. We disregard the message because of the man. We have not learnt how to separate the man from his message. We are not quick to forgive. Once a person messes up, he has messed up. No second chance. No way!

But should it be so? Should I not humble myself to learn from someone who is better than me? Would I, who has but one book in the market, laugh at Wole Soyinka if I find an error in his book? That will be foolishness to say the least. But that is what most of us engage in, day in and day out.

Let us learn to focus on ourselves and our future. Learn all you can. Ignore things that aren’t necessary and would not impact on your dreams. Avoid small talk, unless of course you are paid to do so. Let things go easily and do well not to engage in discussions that will not add any economic value to your person, persona or personality.
I’ll leave you with one quote I heard sometime. “Small people talk about other people. Average people talk about things. Great people talk about ideas.”

I want to be great. What about you?

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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