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#SomethingFresh: Friend, Go To Church! – Do Something!
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#SomethingFresh: Friend, Go To Church!

I woke my friend up in the morning to go to church. He said he was tired. Granted, he had some football game on Saturday which probably left his bones broken.

But then is that reason enough to not be able to go to Church which is just 15 minutes away?

When we are the most tired, that is when we need Church.

When we are the most hungry, Church is where we hope to be fed.

When thirsty, Jesus says, ‘come and drink!’

When tempted, strength is there.

Lacking encouragement? Church is the place of encouragement. Heb 10:25

Feeling energetic, Church is there for you. Your dance might encourage someone.

“What if I am feeling sinful?” You ask. Why did you quickly forget that Christ Jesus came for the sinners? He loves the sinner man. Hence, church is where we go so as to have our sins washed in the blood, and through the encouraging hymns and seeing other brethren live righteously, we too are inspired to follow Jesus.

So friend, you have no excuse not to go to Church!

Church is where you should be…always!

David yearned to be in Church! ‘When will I see your face again?’ He always prayed.

Many a time, I have been very tired, hungry, devastated, confused, disorganized, but when I find strength and go to church, I observe that my weakness is gone; my depression has been replaced with joy unspeakable. My worry has been taken away and replaced with light. And this happens almost every Sunday; I always have to list the reasons why I have to go to church and that enables me encourage myself to go.

The only time it is acceptable to not church is when we want to wallow in our sins; when we want to remain depressed; when we want to be confused; when we want bitterness to take root in our lives.

But Churches are filled with hypocrites. Sad, that might be true. But where else will the hypocrite understand that there are ‘woes’ to the hypocrite except in church?

I had an injury once on one of my toe nails, and the experience was excruciating. It was not to be envied. I was limping, and practically learned the word for, limp, in Russian: ‘khramat’; everyone would ask me, ‘shto ti khramaesh?’- Why you limping? But I never wanted to seek medical help, even when all my medical friends encouraged me to go see a surgeon. I didn’t see the need. I felt it would go away. I’d limp it away. Far from reality I was. Two things are notable from that event.

Firstly, although I was badly injured, I wasn’t prepared to see the doctor. Secondly, with the limping leg, I didn’t miss a class I was to teach. I went to all! Limping or not. I made sure I didn’t cancel any class. I couldn’t lose any time or money to the injury!

And then I quizzed myself, ‘What if Church had fallen in one of those my limping days? Or a Church function; would I have limped to the venue? Or would I have given the excuse of my leg and chosen to recuperate at home?

We better be serious with God so that God can be serious with us!

I have observed that whatever we do first in the day takes a greater part of both our physical and mental energy! Take time out to observe it. This is perhaps one of the reasons why, God, in the Old Testament, commanded the children of Israel to bring in the firstfruits of all their increase.

Sunday, is the first day of the week. And if we can invest our time in God’s house, we will reap the fruits the whole week round.

The thing that would readily come to a carnal man’s mind is that, ‘But this man and that man do not go to Church, yet are very successful.’

Well, that is that man, and you don’t know what laws he is living by. I am talking to you, O christian, who should live by the law of Christ enabled by grace. Stop comparing yourself with an unbeliever! Did you not learn from David who already did much of those comparisons in the Psalms? Or Solomon? They had one simple verdict: they are blown away like chaff!

I pray that from today you and I will begin to take Church more seriously, as the angels are always there to sprinkle the blood of Jesus on everyone present. More so, the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles while they were gathered together at the upper room, and not in their various houses!

I am a lover of church and will continue to go to church with expectation, as The Father is there, Jesus is there, The Holy Spirit is there, and more so, the spirits of just men made perfect.

– @ikeamadi

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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