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Thank God I graduated …and well!

Here’s a song for you to enjoy. It was done by my younger brother.

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What a fine five years it has been!

Tired from signing all the documents that would enable me defend my project work, I retired home in order to rest and prepare for the defense proper which was to take place the next day.

I was hungry as a Lion and had to eat something. The day was still virgin. I grabbed a friend and we went to the nearby market to pick up some foodstuff. It is eat or die. No fast was declared.

On getting back home, I dropped the foodstuff, grabbed my unfinished Dan Brown book, deception point, and relaxed on the sofa. My zashita was impending.

I read and read and read. I needed to finish the book today I thought. About 100 pages were remaining. I was now reading with the speed of light. I knew I had to finish, rest, cook and finally prepare for tomorrow.

After finishing the book, which was as interesting as it was advertised to be, I cleaned up my room. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

While I rested, I reminisced over the 4 years of undergraduate studies. I had been involved in a lot of things. Many not academically oriented. I had served as a leader in various capacities, organized various time-tasking worthwhile events, worked at various times, and written a book which was aimed at getting people to do something.

Now it was time for me to get the reward for all my work. I knew I was not the best of students as I hardly hard time to sit down to study…well, not until now.

Would my last minute preparedness be evident on the day of defense? Why wasn’t I at least studying for the defense? I guess confidence got a better part of me.

I retired early and tried to focus on very spiritual things. The day before every test or exam was usually humbling for me. I stayed indoors and played spiritual songs. Read motivational stuff and tried to focus on the assignment at hand. I will say I spent more time focusing than actually doing the work.

At 5am I was up, I knew I had to go over my speech which my supervisor had checked and approved during the day. Had I not been forced or would I say encouraged to get my speech approved, I would have wanted to do a last minute thing as usual which might not have gone down well with my supervisor.

The D-Day had come. I did my morning devotion and tried to focus. I called my love, Elise, since she had been very supportive during the times that I was scared of school the most. I needed that encouragement this morning, and the fact that she was far away in America wasn’t going to stop me from getting it.

I decided it was time to go through the speech. After an hour of going through it, I decided it was ok. I retired back to bed. “Unbelievable! How can you sleep on this important morning”?

When I knew I could not sleep any longer, I got up at 8:18 AM and went to the bathroom to have my bath. After getting wet in the shower, I discovered that I had forgotten my shampoo upstairs. “God, was this a sign that things weren’t going to be okay?” I thought to myself. I dried myself and ran to get my shampoo. Ok, I had to focus all the more. Composure is key.

Fully clad in my once-in-3-months suit, I headed for the university faculty. I was first on the list of persons to defend. Whether that was a plus or a minus, I was soon to discover.

On days like this, friends were not invited to the defense hall, they were only informed, and basically for fear that their lapses might be uncovered to all. It was better to take the heat alone and share the good news to all later.

Well, my friend, Eric had opted to come. I couldn’t refuse. Amid pomp and pageantry, we gallantly marched to the hall. Everyone was dressed differently – very professional.

I entered the hall. The presiding member of the State Exam Board read out my project topic and I started talking about what I had done. I spoke for about 7 minutes and the questions started pouring in. Good thing was that the questions they asked weren’t from the part I feared. It was from the part of the work I knew to a very good degree.

And then it was over. I had defended. I was a graduate.

After 30 minutes of waiting, they called my grade- and it was a 5.

I was more than happy. There is a special joy that comes with getting a 5.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for me, supported me and was patient with me through these interesting undergraduate years.

The Lord saw me through. I ended well. I have done  something.


"Graduation Party"

Esther and I after receiving SFC's certificate of Appreciation

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