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That One Thing!

What is that one thing you cannot sell?

That one thing you cannot give away?

What is that one thing you can’t bear to live without?

Many of you readers would remember my having got a new BlackBerry, which my sister proudly brandishes wherever she goes.

I was almost going to do the same with my other BlackBerry phone and even the Samsung Note, but for one reason or the other that has me still holding on to the phones.

Things will forever remain things.

I have had my laptop for over 3 years now. And I have grown attached to it.

I did not know how much I love her (it) until I put it up for sale – at a ridiculously cheap price. Before I could know what was happening, two persons already walked in to check the PC out.

Why did I want to sell the laptop? The battery needed changing. More so, it is three years old already! Other than those flimsy reasons, I guess the sale will enable me get something fresh : )

And then the time to move the files came. I moved and moved; and as I moved, I became even more reluctant to sell it off.

But I guess that these days, I am learning to live without things. No longer to be emotionally attached to things. I want to get emotionally attached to people not things.

Egypt Air drove that lesson home when that I lost my baggage on the flight from Moscow to Abuja. All my clothes: shirts, trousers I was going to use to make Abuja remember Ike Amadi was there, were all left unaccounted for.

My brother had to give me clothes to use, which I later converted to be mine.

I guess it is to stop craving for things and invest more in my person and people around me.

It is not to lose focus of what is the most important – my soul.

We might crave for that iPad 3, but what happens when an iPad 4 comes?

Things will forever be transient but what we do for people will last forever.

The guy has paid for the laptop and after posting this note, I will be laptop-less : )

The Lord will provide!

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Mercy

    “We might crave for that iPad 3, but what happens when an iPad 4 comes? ”
    May the good God provide you another laptop soon. : )

  • Thanks. I believe.

  • I will steal Olisa Bokolo’s watsapp’s profile statement
    “the most important things in life are not things”
    Just how true that is!!!

    Good write brother!

  • Thanks sir.

  • Fola

    This is so true. I pray I succeed in properly dealing with those “little” idols that pop up in my own life. Wish we all do something similar. Thanks bro. More grace to those hands :))

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