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The Cheer Leader!

Cheer Leaders doing their thing!

As I stood outside the customs clearance centre, I watched my friend struggle with her bags. I had assisted her all the way up to that point. From that point, however, I could no longer assist, I could only encourage.

As I watched her drag her hand luggage and steady them on the conveyor belt, I stood within eye range, giving constant nods and waves, telling her that I was there with her. That there was someone watching, caring. Someone who is praying that she gets safely to her destination.

And as I stood there, watching and waiting patiently till she got out of sight, I pondered on how important it is for a person to have true friends. People who will tell us that we can go through life, unscathed. Who tell us that they are praying for us and that they rejoice with us when we succeed.

Woe to him who doesn’t have such a friend!

Even though we desire that there be people who will stand by us no matter what, cheering us as we run through life, we should endeavor to be that person who will do the cheering. That person who will present a shoulder for others to lean on.

Oh how sweet it will be for one to say “thank you, Ike Amadi for being there…without you I might not have gone this far.”

Do Something for someone today!

Ike Amadi
@ikeamadi on Twitter.

First published on sfcwrites.

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Good piece bro.
    We all always need someone to tell us we are alright and that we can go on.

    • Omobolaji

      i codnt agree more with u. Frends boost our spirit. They help us go d extra mile 2 achieve our goal. Gud wrk.

  • Fola

    So on point sir. Real friends are a blessing. What would one do without them!

  • this is great..wonder why noone told me about visit often… God bless you!!

  • Mercy

    This is insightful.
    I’ll keep doing something!

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