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The Final Say

Pride is fast becoming a marketable commodity, partly stemming from our need to see others express themselves in manners a little untoward. Such persons are hailed for their courage and resistance to existing dictums.4 years ago, while doing a stint in the US, I observed that the working condition was very inflexible. There was no breathing space for me to do what I wanted to do. I wanted to have fun; ‘but only after working hours,’ the one said. This sometimes made me be at loggerheads with the authorities. It was not fresh. Not fresh at all!
Looking back, I observed that I should have been more humble. I shouldn’t have tried to rebel at the laws binding the vicinity where I was domiciled and work. I should have humbled myself more, and in every ramification.
Now back to today. I have discovered, upon meditation that man who is humble will go far in life and ministry and will eventually make heaven.
Being humble is not very different from being teachable.
You cannot learn unless you humble yourself to receive that information or teaching into your mind.
You can’t grow unless you’re humble. For a seed must first die, before it will germinate and bring forth fruits that will last.
We go through several pains in life, simply because we refuse to be humble. If only we had been humble to receive and carry out that instruction; if we had shunned that friend, or that ill-advised project, we perhaps would have been on the better side of life now.
It takes humility to seek counsel from elders, for ‘in the multitude of counselors, there is safety.’
Would to God that I would remain humble.
“Humble yourself under the mighty hands of God and He will lift you up.”
Pride caused the fall of satan. Pride led to the fall of man: ‘… and you’ll be like God.’ If you don’t want to fall, be humble.
Many think humility is for the weak, but I tell you, only the strong can be humble.
Weak people resort to an ego consciousness. Strong people surrender. They know how to lay down their lives, their wisdom, and their strength for something greater!
The proud can never be wise! Pride and wisdom can never co-habit.
It is therefore foolish to be prideful.
Don’t let pride cost you that big advancement in life.
What is that thing you must do? What does it take? Are you shunning doing that thing because it appears beneath you?
As Khaled Hosseini wrote in his book, The Kite Runner, ‘There is a way to be good again.’ The way is to stop being prideful and acting as though you have the final say, and to start seeking counsel – from God, from the elders and watch your dreams come to fruition.
Eschew pride! Stay Fresh!

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