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The Future!

In my first university, the University of Nigeria, I had wanted to launder my suit I was to use on my matriculation day.

The laundry man came over, and I asked him if it was a local dry cleaning outfit.

Oh how the man flared up. He didn’t like the word, ‘local’. I had to do my best to wriggle out of the situation whilst trying to explain to him that I actually meant within the locality. Like locale : )

Anyways that was that.

My dad will always say, ‘let us pray for our local church’. So I guess the word, ‘local’ stuck with me.

So, this summer, I found myself worshipping in my local church a lot. Much more than last year’s.

Things have changed over time. People have moved and more children have been added.

I have always been too focused when present and thus never engage in conversations with the members, other than, ‘hello, hi!’

‘When are you going back?’


But today, after the service, I decided to sit around the church premises as my family were involved in various meetings.

A young girl, Gladys, tried reporting a group of boys, saying they were disturbing her friend.

And I came into the picture.

Smart Gladys and I

We sorted out the issue and as usual I ask what her name is, what class she was in, and if she read her Bible at all.’

‘Only small, uncle,’ was the answer she gave to the Bible reading question.

And then she beautifully quoted John 3:16, Psalm 66:1, and we recited Psalm 23 together.

It was totally fresh.

Her English was near perfect and I invited her to come closer.

‘What is your best subject?’


When the other kids saw me conversing with her, they all came unto me.

Such refreshing conversations we had.

Her sister came over; and she again reported her sister to me, saying, ‘she beats me’

‘But is it not because you play too much?’

‘But you too can play….’

And later Gladys said the most beautiful line ever,

‘She beat me o, but I still love her.’

So very fresh!

Gladys and Sarah, her elder sister,

We took pictures with the brilliant, excited, and energetic kids with such bright future.

I encouraged them to read their books and keep working hard to stay academically fresh!

And so went my afternoon.

Do please pray for them.

There is a lot of work we must do if we will secure a bright tomorrow for our kids.

They are ‘the future’!

Ike Amadi
@ikeamadi on Twitter

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.


    The future looks FRESH! 🙂

    • Halleluyah.

      Thanks for the fresh comment, Boss!

  • keshi

    Eh ya! Hope you advised Sarah not to beat the little girl too much Nice. Fresh.

    • I actually did advise her to beat her all the more so as to drive foolishness very far from her.

  • Sandie

    So touching and fresh!!!

    • doris

      u know?, this makes me remember back in the days when we were in their shoes. i really bless God for ur family. ur dad does all he can to make these kids happy, while ur mum teaches them the bible. ike, i wish i had such compulsory no bible reading no breakfast upbringing. my mum tried anyways. ur dad actually bought my first bible, paid my lesson fees and i see u taking after him. the beauty of life does not depend on how happy u are, but how happy others can be b’cos of u.

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