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The Miracle of Love.

Wednesday was a very interesting day. The same day I shared how I missed you and blogged about my escapade with Andrei, the Russian jogger.
I also said I had this other story to share but didn’t have time. Well, today I do. It’s Friday right?
Before I go on, I’ll like to give a shout out to Veronique Ojay, who recently arrived in the Crocodile City of Northern Nigeria. That is the beautiful city of Kaduna, in case you are wondering. Yes, Nigeria has crocodiles.
She is there to witness the wedding ceremony of one of School for the Gifted’s former Headboy and Best Graduating Student, Jenom Danjuma. Interestingly, my very own brother, Eric Okhiria weds tomorrow as well. So happy married life to them all!

I always have this, say, English class with a few Russians – about five of them.

Inspired by Jamey Daniels, who served in Russia for many years, and whose demeanor I love very much, I decided to try something out.

Summer camp 2010, I think, in Saratov, was an interesting camp. In one of the leadership sessions, Jamey gave each one of us a plain A4 sheet.

Each person had a sheet with his/her name on it, and we were to write what we liked about the person and words of encouragement as well. In the end, the individual went home with a paper which contains other group members’ opinion of him; this he perhaps will show to his or her kids. I will definitely show mine.

I did the same thing with these guys in my class and everyone wrote what they liked about one another.

Before that, we had a discussion on the most discussed subject ever – love. I had asked them what they feel love helps us achieve.

Some said love empowers us to do great things. Others said Love helps us forgive those that have hurt us.

One lady, let’s call her Natasha, was very adamant. She said she couldn’t forgive those who have hurt her – her previous boyfriends to be precise.

She was holding the grudge and wouldn’t let go. It turned into a counselling session and we all told her the importance of letting go.

She still refused.

later, she said, she will forgive the recent past boyfriend, but wouldn’t forgive the rest of them. We pleaded and pleaded, no way. We were very concerned.

We said goodbyes and everyone went home.

Today, Natasha said that she has forgiven them all. All of them. She mentioned that when she got home, and read all that we wrote on her sheet about her, she forgave them all.

Everyone had told her how awesome she was and how important it was for her to forgive those who hurt her.

we were simply wowed. That was like a perfect ending to my week!

Thank God.

Well, Andrei was supposed to join me jog this evening. Called his phone, and he says he is chilling with his boys at a location. Tis Friday yea?

your brother,

p.s Today is the birthday of my lovely elder bro, Chuke. Fine man, I tell you. Fine man! More wisdom, knowledge; and may the Lord bless you with more money so you can continue to support my ministry. LOL.

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Hymman

    Tambov greetings, my Brother!
    Good to see your posts. You are an encourager.
    Tambov, 300k S of Moscow with over 300,000 souls needing Christ. Pastor Reuben Nazarchuk has a church of 300 with 20 African students attending. Pastor expressed a desire to reach more of the 500 African students as well as other African students in the U here. Immediately you came to mind. We discussed it and he asked me to contact you about doing some outreach in Tambov. Let me know how you feel about this opp. please. I hope to see you tomorrow at ICA. –Pastor Wood

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