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The Spirit of Servanthood (SOS)! #Shiloh2012

Message by Bishop David Abioye!

The spirit of servanthood is the platform for enthronement.

If you are not prepared to serve, you’ll never be opportuned to rule.

Jesus is the Chief Servant. Isaiah 42:1-4.

– Servants are not noisemakers, yet people will not miss their effect.

SO many noisemakers today but very few servants.

– He will not seek publicity.-He will be gentle and tender, yet effective.
-The spirit comes to terminate failure and discouragement.
-He will be authoritative.

In Philipians 2, Paul extolled the virtues of Jesus.
The spirit of servanthood is one of exaltation.

Tonight! That spirit of servanthood is coming on you.

Joshua 1:2. “….The servant of Moses.”
Elisha was also a servant.
Every great man followed the process of servanthood.

God calls servants first, then makes them rulers.
Our first calling is to serve our generation. Other things are means.
Servanthood is the crucible where leaders are refined.
True leadership emerges through the ladder of stewardship.

God regretted making Saul King seeing that he didnt pass through the ladder of servanthood.

The spirit of Servanthood cares less about position.
Don’t let that title tie you down.

Until you become a certified servant, you don’t become an accredited ruler.

“Before I became an Author, I was a vendor.” – Oyedepo

Don’t pray, serve your way up!

A servant is a :
– Waiter.
– Keeper
-An accountable care-taker. Luke 16:1-2

Why do I need the spirit of servanthood?
1. Helps you overcome the the natural man who is bossy and always looking for what to gain.

destroys self-glory and competition.

True servants do not like people talking about them.
If you understand your background, you’ll be humble and stay servantly.

2. The spirit will make you serve tirelessly.

You care for the mockings of people because the spirit of servanthood hasnt entered into you.
The SOS helps you do your service to the point of reward.

3. The SOS helps you serve with excitement.
“My hobby is to serve people” – Abioye.

4. The SOS makes you to serve willingly.

5. The SOS makes you serve with focus.

6. The SOS helps you to render your service faithfully.

7. The SOS helps you become selfless. All you are looking for is how to make others happy. David decided to lay down his life to save the people of God, other than let the uncircumcised philistine insult the people of God.
Moses refused honor from God when God was to kill the Israelites. Ex 32:30-32. Moses said, “If you will not forgive them, take me also.”

Rewards for Servanthood.

1.You enjoy honor.
2. You enjoy divine preservation. Mal 3:17. e.g Daniel in the Lion’s den.
3.You enjoy wholesomeness. No barrenness. Ex 23:25-26

Once the SOS enters into you, it doesn’t just use you, it renews you.

The SOS refreshes you. I like this one!

God bless you.



Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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