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#TheGreatShepherd RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2014: The Great Defender. Day 1


The sheep is probably the most defenceless of all animals: no horns, can’t bite, can’t run fast, no claws, completely defenceless. Except for one thing, he has the shepherd.

I know there is someone here who is defenceless; no money, no relative of value, no connection, but that sheep has a shepherd – the one who loves forever,  the one who can never be voted out of office, the one who has never lost a battle. 

It is a frightening thing to be defenceless in a hostile world. The sick runs to the doctor for defence, but what do you do when the doctor says there is nothing more we can do for you.

A sick child looks to the parents for defense. What happens when the parents can’t defend.

The worst type of helplessness comes when the pastor says, I have prayed all the prayers I know and there is nothing we can do.

But Jesus can always do something.

Psalm 46:1 says, “He is our refuge, our ever present help in times of trouble.

7 reasons why I am sure the great Shepherd will help you.

1. has the power to deliver you from the jaws of death.

2. has the power to strengthen you. Isaiah 41:10-13

3. does not turn back on His word. He will not change his mind. Num. 23:19

4.  will defend you for his namesake to make his power known. Ps. 106:8

5. will help you because he gets all the glory from coming to your aid.

6. will help you because he said in his word that the strong must help the weak. God is the strongest.

7. will help you because he answers prayers.

Prayer points:
1. Praise God because he is always there for you.
2. Father, I surrender all my problems to you: physical, marital, career… Help me now.
3. Father, please send help to me speedily, from the East, West, North, South, and the heavens.
4. Father please send help to every member of my family (list their names).
5. Father, please send help to those directly or indirectly connected to me.
6. Father, please bring me to a level where I can help others.
7. Tell God the areas where you need help urgently: health, finances, career, marriage etc

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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