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Too Many Blessings!

The Bishop and I

The Bishop of Tambov Pentecostal Church, Russia. Bishop Paul Nazarchuk and I!

God has seriously been surprising me these very days. I can only be grateful. As a pastor prayed that God will open effective doors of ministry, He already has started opening the doors.

Recently, A Russian lady bought a copy of the book and after reading it sent me a message of how God used the book to touch her life. I was grateful to God. Here’s what she said,

“Ike, hello! how are u?

I’m almost done reading your book, It’s not just amazing, I don’t know how to describe what I’m getting from it. Just wanna thank you a million times for being God’s man, for this book. I needed to read it and it came just in time. When I finish, I’ll start again. so… is this book translated into Russian or not yet?? we, Russians need it in Russian. 🙂
thank you, be blessed! “

I reacted thus:


Not yet in Russian.

Thanks for the kind words. God bless you.

I’ve always said I need to have it in Russian.

Hmmm. Will do something : )”

Well, she didn’t stop : )

“Hello, Ike 🙂
I have a strange question. Has someone started to translate your book or not yet? Or maybe you are going to do it yourself?”

My Reply,

“Hi ! ,

Thank you greatly for your interest in the ‘Do Something!’ book; means a lot to me.

Well, a lady said she was to work on it….never did.

Do you think it is something you will be willing to do? : )

I feel the Lord is leading you towards that direction.”

And boom! , the reply that made me go on my knees in prayer:

“Hi! Yes, I would love to try translating this for you because this book has meant so much to me. I believe that The Lord has put this in my heart because I “need to do something”, and i also want others to have this message as well. Please let me try, and I will make a plan to finish in September. I have a friend that will help me to make any corrections that are needed!

Thank you and God bless”

I am blessed. I truly am. I tell you.

I pray for grace on this my fine Russian sister, that as she embarks on this work, there will be no discouragement, and that the Lord himself will encourage her all the way.

Big step for the ‘Do Something!’ book.

By the way, Do Something! family, I equally got a heart-warming mail from Mongolia last summer, I think, asking for permission to translate the book into Mongolian.

I wonder how ‘Do Something!’ will look in Mongolian …and French, and Igbo, and Hausa, and Yoruba…and all languages of the world. WOW! I’m excited.

Help me Lord, to stay faithful to my calling.


Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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