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#Shiloh2013: Unveiling the Riches of #ExceedingGrace (pt. 4): #Love

Unveiling the Riches of #ExceedingGrace (pt. 4): #Love

By Bishop David Oyedepo.

N.B The words are written as he spoke it.


Redemption is the visa to the heavenly realm.
When you have a visa, without ticket, your visa will expire in your hands.
You cannot access the power of redemption without repentance.
You cannot experience the wisdom of God without the word of God.

Every healing/deliverance answers to faith.

God will bless you because you are walking in the faith.

3 John 1:1

One fundamental price that confers you access to all the riches is LOve. It confers you access to the seven treasures of grace.

1 Cor 2:9, “…for them that love Him.’

What Does Love Do?
It will terminate your struggles and your sorrows.

The hotter your love, the more ravishing the anointing of God on your life.

1 Cor. 20:24
The hotter your love for God, the more empowered you’ll become.

Love confers unmatchable riches & honor.

Love is our covenant access to exploring the treasures in Christ.

Talk about wisdom – Joseph – God was at the centre of His heart even in prison, in Portiphar’s house.

Love is stronger than death.

The hotter your love for God, the greater your access to divine wisdom.

1 John 4:16-18.

Abraham – A friend of God was leading the army of God at 90 years old.

Moses – refused to be called the son of Pharoah’s daughter. His eyes never went dim.

When you are in God, and God is in you, you are indestructible.

When you know the length, breath of God, you are full of the fullness of God! Eph 3:18-19.

The love of God entitles you to possess divine healing.

Divine genes is still functioning on earth today.


Every anointed lover of God flows in honor. You can’t be a lover of God and suffer shame.

The same love factor that brought Solomon into wealth, brought him into honor.

Our master key to obtaining God’s blessings is obedience.

The proof of love is that you keep His commandments.

The Love is God is the covenant denominator for experiencing the full package of God’s blessings.

Love is the fulfillment of the law. When you love, you are fulfilled, and thus you are entitled to all the blessings of Deut. 28! Means you cannot be cursed.

If you are not in loved, the principles of financial prosperity will be ineffective.

The Love of God is the master key to a life of Exceeding Greatness.

Love is a Choice!

John 21:15-17. Love is a choice and the choice of the wise.

When the love of God reigns in your heart, you are exposed to His Blessings.

Everything that makes exceedingly great is built on the platform of love.

I decree that the love of God overwhelm your life.

God lays before you life and death; choose love, and you have chosen deeper life, celestial life, heavenly life.

Love is your flight ticket to the heavenly places.

Every genuine lover experiences heaven on earth.
Can God be frustrated? Jobless? Barren? When you are filled with the goodness of God, nothing can stop you!

Remember, redemption – visa, Ticket – love of God.
Loving God above all else including yourself.
I remember telling my teacher, ‘I am a full-time Christian and a part-time student.’

Jesus is my love and my life.

Charity never faileth.
Wealth can lose value, but charity never fails.

Love enhances your spiritual stamina and weight. God won’t give you more than you can handle.

Every addicted lover of God commands exceeding grace, because grace answers to love.

When you have made the choice to love, you can now seek empowerment to love.

By love, you are now the carrier of the God of all grace.

John 3:16

Giving is not stressful to a lover. Giving is a natural delight.

God’s love is a giving love.
1) If you love God, you’ll obey him, and with delight.
2)If you love God, you’ll love his word.
3)If you love God, you’ll love His house.
4)If you love God, you’ll serve Him.
5)If you love God, you’ll trust Him.
‘Wherever God cannot take me to, let me never go there!’
You can’t love God and doubt Him.
6) If you love Him, you’ll give! 1 Cor 8:8
You prove the sincerity of your giving.

If you are not in love, you’re lost! Prayer needs faith to answer, and faith needs love to work.

You’ll never lack grace in your life!

Salvation is the first step in the journey of exceeding grace.

Love your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength.

In your life time you’ll experience the manifold blessings of the Lord!

Your testimony will go above all nations.
Your business will go above all nations.

Love offers you a life, ‘above all nations’

The love of God will speak long in your life, and what eyes have not seen is taking place in your life.
Every affliction is rooted out from every body now.

Place your hand on every part of your body that is malignant.

I command every heart disease, be healed in the name of Jesus.
Every form of growth in breasts, lungs, private parts, I command them dissolved in the name of Jesus.

Every one under every form of sickness be delivered in the name of Jesus.
Every blind eye be opened in the name of Jesus.
Every blood disease be healed in the name of Jesus.

It is a brand new day.

Scream, ‘I am free!’

Scream it again, ‘I am free!’

Written out by
Ike Amadi.
Co-ordinator @thelafamily

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