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#SomethingFresh: When Disturbance is good!

Oh how I hate to be disturbed when I am sleeping. Oh how much I hate it! These days, however, I have discovered how important disturbance can be as it has saved my head on several occasions.

I am a time- conscious person – meaning that I love to know what time it is :)) I have this cool digital clock and I love to see what I call ‘special times’ flash on it. Times like 06.06, 10:10, 09:09, 08:08 and all other doubles. I also love the mirrors: 11:11, 13:31, 21:12, 12:21 and the likes of them. Not to forget 17:59 Guinness time! Some persons say that when you see these special times come on, it’s time to make a wish. I always do. My favorite time seems to be 10:10.

I just missed 08:08 by 1 minute!

11:22 on my digital clock.


I had glanced at the clock and it showed 5:15. I was to leave for a class at 5:30 in order to make it on time. I however decided to take a quick nap after having eaten a heavy meal. The nap was going good and I kept reminding myself that 5:30 was the time to kill Ali Baba. I glanced again with one eye and it showed 5:26. “Oh let me take those 4 minutes”, I said to myself.

“Who is that?” I screamed from my bed, which was very close to the door. Someone was knocking. What did he want? Couldn’t he see that I am trying to get some sleep here? Immediately, I took another glance at the clock, lo and behold, the time was 5:54pm. I needed to run. I thanked the knocking dude, asked him what he wanted, and dashed out of the room with focused speed. His knock had saved me from missing the class.

While in the metro, I walked past a sight I didn’t want to forget in a hurry. Oh how romantic that sight was! A guy was hugging a lady while on his knees. Whatever they were talking about must be something I would love to read about. I hurriedly walked past them as I was running late, and when I had exited the glass doors, I remembered I had a camera phone. This time, I didn’t miss it, I got it on camera!

The romantic sight.

I got to the venue of the class 3 minutes late only to find out that the class was not going to hold. I had done a 45- minute journey and the class didn’t hold.

Why did that dude knock my door?



Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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