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Where Is Your Gaze?

Coming into a country where money is the main focus

Financial breakthrough is their favorite chorus

It is really hard for one’s eyes to stay fixed on Jesus

and not lose focus.


Distractions here and there

Then you truly understand that my spiritual battle is here

A battle within your spirit against your flesh

That you do not become a vain runner running after what is worthless.


That you do not seek the hand of the Creator

Instead of seeking His face alone.

For our Father has told us how he operates

He has asked us to seek His Kingdom in the 1st place

and every other thing shall be added unto us

For our ultimate goal should be to follow Jesus. 


Remembering these truths could be difficult

Amidst this Economic meltdown, National Corruption & the Religious junks.

But thanks to the word of God

and the fact that we have an access to this truth chunk

For in those moments of confusion, God’s word is clear

And reading and studying it truly helps.


So what do I propose?

Or what point have I been trying to pose?

What I am trying to stress is that in the midst of this mayhem;

We should not lose our main aim.

In our lives, Christ should not be less

While our problems are always over stressed.


That we should worry less

And in prayers should we press! Yes.

Not only should we pray but we should also be content

In the little we have & let’s not covet

Another man’s status, job, car, phone, dress or belonging

but be satisfied with whatever God has blessed us with.


Give him praise for everything with you,

Understanding that you could be in the state of a poor man on the street too.

So thank Him even for the little you have,

For God is God for those who have and don’t have.

He is the same God for the poor and the rich

Don’t mind what the false teachers teach.


It is but a myth that to be poor is a sin

or to be poor means you are cursed. Oh Really?

Where in the Bible is it written?

So why should you believe what doesn’t have a spiritual backing

And even if it does, is it in context?

Or is it a truth twisted into a lie to suit their taste,

tickle some ears and satisfy the majority’s thirst

That you could desire and love money and above all, seek it first.


Giving people what they want to hear,

They deceive them.

Instead of preaching Christ and the Gospel that saves,

They preach a lie that will not deliver them

Deliver them from the sin that has buried them in their graves.


Let me get back to the point

Before I forget the main point of why I started writing this poem

Its just that seeing these things happening in some churches makes me really very sad

And all I desire is that people will take to their heels;

And run quickly from such churches that does nothing but deceives

Deceiving their Sheep even as the Mini- Shepherd


When they are meant to lead folks to Christ

They lead them away to Lust in the world

To these 3 things- The list of the flesh, the pride of life and the lust of the eyes

Which 1 John 2:16 has taught us its not from the Father but comes from the world.

So here is the question:

Who do we choose?

Do we choose God or the money god “Mammon”?

In the words of Jesus should you let your heart muse


Its written in Matthew 6:24

Open your Bible, Read it and see it with your own eyes.

For you have been in darkness for long

It is time to come out into the light the word of God provides.


The message is Christ crucified.

Any other message has been sliced and spliced.

Any message that takes our focus from Christ to the world isn’t it.

Any message that feeds our lust of the flesh, eyes and pride of life isn’t it.

Any message that makes us seek the Creation and not the Ultimate Creator isn’t it.

Any message that directs us to God only for blessings and not to relish in His presence as the All in All to us isn’t it.

I repeat,

the message is Christ alone.

He is the Cornerstone.


He should be Our All in All.

Our only Master!

With no master after

or none before.


“Apart from Me you can do nothing”- The words of Jesus Christ. In the Spiritual realm there is no other life but Christ’s. In Him, we live. Without Him, we die.- Elisabeth Elliot

Is your gaze still on Him?


Shalom| God’s Grace and Peace.

by Bola John


Bola John

Dr. Bola John is a medical doctor, and writes to encourage young men and women to lead a victorious spiritual life.

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