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Who Is Your Father?

Dr. Paul Enenche!

Dr. Paul Enenche!

The Destiny Recovery Convention is underway in Nigeria. My friend, Veronique, my very good friend by the way. I have said her name must show up in one of my books. She called me severally, reminding me not to miss this convention.
Enjoy this message by Dr. Paul Enenche. It was preached this night. 30th May 2013. The fire is still hot.
Dr Paul Enenche.
Who Is Your Father?
1. The one who speaks your language.
2. The one whose passion fuels your vision.
His passion ignites your passion. You may be dragging feet before you came, but after an encounter with him, your passion is ignited.It is easy to know how to mentor if you are being practically mentored.
3.Your father is the man whose footstep is your guideline. You take steps after his steps.
When your father shares testimonies, you are not hearing stories, but hearing what to do.
4. Your father is your life-time prayer project.
i.e your prayer schedule is not complete if you have not prayed for your father.
The oil you invest in is the oil you harvest from. Invest in intercession.
Who is your father?
You have to do something in your father’s church.
What a man sows he shall reap!
5. Your father is the one whose weakness is never your subject of discussion. His strength is what I’m looking for, not his weakness.
There are perfect virtues, but not perfect vessels.
You can change bosses, but not fathers.
“I know you may be perfect, but don’t ever discuss my father’s weakness with me. I’m not interested.”
Who are you to judge another man’s servant? Don’t speak evil of another man
never jubilate for the error of any man of God.
A real man of God is a kingdom investment. Pray for the men of God in your midst.
It takes God so much to produce a genuine man of God.
6. Your father is one whose life is a part of your life’s budget.
he is the man who is a beneficiary of your harvest. Every time you are blessed he feels it.
“My sowing to my earthly father is a percentage.” – I need to practice same.
7. Your father is the man whose pleasure gives you joy, “Daddy, are you happy with me?” His pleasure gives you joy.
Your father is the one you dread to displease. As it is physically, so it is spiritually.
How do you know your father?
He is the one in whose voice you hear God. God uses his voice to talk to you. You dream at night and see the picture of the one giving you direction. Think of Samuel-Eli.
When you listen to his tape, it is as though he had you in mind. when in confusion, it is as though he had you in mind.
8.The man whose manifestation is your expectation. Where you are going is where he is. Your possibility is his reality.
“This thing is possible oh, ” you say,

“This thing is real.” He confirms!

There are things we do that can redefine our destiny.



1.receive the grace to function in spiritual fatherhood.

2. Anyway I have spoken any man whom God has used to be a blessing to me, I am sorry. Have mercy, Lord!
3.Lord, I receive the grace to connect adequately with every grace you are sending upon my life.

Advice: Any church you are in and you can comfortably criticize your pastor, please resign and look for where to go. God killed 23, 000 people because they murmured against Moses.

Anytime you observe that you are not being blessed, and you are finding fault in the system, please look for where to go.



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