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How I won a Fresh #BlackBerry in #WhyILoveNigeria Contest! – By @ikeamadi

My New BlackBerry!

My Fresh BlackBerry Curve 9220.

I hardly ever read my TimeLine on Twitter. For me, it was virtually a waste of time as people could make several hundred posts within minutes. You just couldn’t catch up.

Tuesday, however, was different. I glanced at my TL and observed a post from @omojuwa whose Red Avatar is strikingly conspicuous. You just had to read what he was saying per time. And that was how I knew about his giving away a blackberry at 5pm. I didn’t take it very seriously. I wasn’t in Lagos at the time and as such didn’t know the game plan.

While returning from the office, however, I glanced at my TL again. Lo and behold the ‘how’ was there. You needed to tweet positive things about Nigeria in the #WhyILoveNigeria hash tag.

I started tweeting. I first observed the frequency of tweets from others and knew I had a chance in the competition. Getting into the top 5 was easy. It was winning the BlackBerry that mattered.

Once in the top 5, I had to win. If I had gotten that far into the forest, why not take home the kill? I told myself.

4:45pm, and I waited for the top 5 list to be declared. I stopped by a filling station, and the suspense continued.

By this time, my heart was racing fast. It was a game of speed and intellect combined. Mr. Omojuwa didn’t post the result at 4:45pm as promised. The suspense continued.

Every 5 seconds, I kept hitting the refresh button on my other phone, while I had my comment ready on the second phone. The rule was that Mr. Omojuwa would post the list of the top 5 as a comment, and whoever was first to comment after his post, whose name was obviously among the top 5, will take home the ultimate prize.

By this time, my battery was low. It was to give way within minutes. I needed to recharge, but where? The ladies at the Oando filling station were of great help and pointed to a location. I went there, where a gentleman assisted me in finding a charging point. And that was where my ‘refreshing’ continued.

At 5:17, the names of the top 5 cum 7 were published, and I was on the list. Now was the time to make use of the other phone where the comment was typed. I clicked the submit comment, no response; Internet issues. Ah! Now that I needed this phone, it wanted to fail me.

I dashed out of the corner where I was charging my phone, to go seek reception. As I took off, my legs were entrapped by the various chargers, for other persons were also charging various other items. This almost caused me to topple over. Everything else flew in the air but me. The attendant at the filling station helped me pick up the various batteries charging there.

I had to think fast. Immediately, I typed the following words on the other phone: “with a blackberry you can never go wrong, both in business and pleasure.” I clicked the submit button.

To my utter amazement, I was the winner. I had commented with my handle @ikeamadi, so that I won’t have to add it in the main body of the comment.

I tipped the attendant who assisted me all through the process but he surprisingly refused to collect the tip. I asked his name, took a picture with him and the other ladies with whom I first started the process.

And then I waited for the winner to be announced.

Exactly #WhyILoveNigeria!

Ike Amadi

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Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Joannishka

    interesting piece

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