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Write So That Ladies Should Be More Careful!

I wanted to write an article about the need why a person needs to be part of a fellowship; and not just part but an active part of a fellowship.

While I was churning out the paragraphs as well as key points in my mind, I remembered a facebook message I got from a friend of mine.
It goes thus (a little modified ):

“Can you write an article about hypocrites in the church? A friend told me she so trusted a guy because he is active in church and because of that she gave herself to him.
He dumped her after a few days….
write so that ladies should be more careful!

I had written something, but I discovered my heart wasn’t in what I wrote.

I will, by God’s grace re-write the article, but under 5 sub-headings. One at a time.

1) Hypocrites in the church.
2)Trusted a guy because he is active in church.
3)She gave herself to him
4)he dumped her after a few days
5)write so that ladies should be more careful.

I will be praying and as soon as the Holy Spirit gives me inspiration, I will write.


Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • keshi

    nice! well there is an example in the bible of someone that extremely hated a lady after using her… we should learn to read the bible more and beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. especially in church too… a lot of ladies have been victims… GOD help us!!!

  • Charles Chris

    I am not a fan of people who write about churches, leaders or church workers. I am very much aware of the mannerisms of carnality in church. if DO SOMETHING would live up to its name from the christian point of view, i would suggest you find out from the so called church leader and hear his side of the story. then you could heal their relationship and not find faults. Remember we Christians are ministers of reconciliation
    and if indeed that brother be a christian, he would be convicted if corrected with God’s word.

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