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Your Forever Is Blessed!

My dear brother and sister,  I wish I had the gift of flight, then I would appear in your sitting room or the park where you are seated reading this piece to convince you of the utmost importance of guarding the door of your lips, not just for your sake, but also for my sake and safety.

A lot of us, sadly, go about heaping curses on ourselves and others on a daily basis in the name of jokes. Where in the Bible did you see Jesus say something and then in the next verse say, ‘I’m joking; take it not seriously.’? Never! There was no time for that. And we are to be about our Father’s business in the same vein.

A lot of us fall into the category of men and women who delight in calling their fellow brothers, ‘Bad guy!’ a new slang, I understand, for someone extremely good.

Perhaps you are not in that category, but are you silent? Are you a neutral kind? Do you not understand the importance of the blessing?

God has given us the command saying, ‘Whoever you bless will stay blessed!’ (Numbers 22:6)

So why do we not go about blessing those who are close to us: our wives, our husbands, our partners – both current and future? Why are we not actively engaged in blessing people we come across?

You think that that boy God brought along your way is just for hello’s and hi’s? No! It is for you to bless them!

Let me take you back to the times of our fathers: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – names we mention with a certain air of power. These men knew the God they served and knew how to walk in His way. We will now learn a thing or two from them.

If ever you have read your Old Testament, you’ll observe that ‘God blessed Abraham;’ severally, actually. Abraham blessed Isaac, Isaac blessed Jacob. Isaac was to bless Esau initially, but because Rebekah and Jacob knew the importance of the blessing, they nearly gave their lives for the blessing, and in fact, Rebekah was willing to receive a curse on his behalf, should Isaac find out their trick. That was how important the pronounced blessing was.

Jacob understood that the people of God (notice how I did not use, ‘Christians’ as the word had not been coined by then) lived by a supernatural order, and not based on what they saw. Jacob knew that material things were transient, but the blessing lasts forever.

Had he concentrated on receiving cattle from his father, he would certainly have lost everything as evident in his nomadic lifestyle, running from place to place. He chose to go for the blessing, because he understood its importance.

Many Christians these days have their eyes on cattle instead of the blessing! We are so shortsighted. We come in contact with greatness daily, and choose to set our hearts on receiving material things rather than spiritual blessings! We have taken this unholy covetousness further by developing a phrase, ‘Chief, bless me!’ Now the ‘bless me’ there will mean ‘give me something – money, for the most part.’ You hear people testify, ‘My brother blessed me with this amount of dollars or that amount,’ when we should set our hearts on things above – on the blessing that yields all material fruits!

There’s another angle to this; so many of us who apparently do not have enough material endowments appear confused when needy people come within our range. This need not be. You have the power to bless and curse. Give out the blessing!

Jacob in turn, before he died gathered his sons together, and did not share his material possessions, rather he blessed them!

Would to God that my generation would understand the value of our words and put the power of the blessing to work!

Some parents understand this matter, and never cease to bless their children. They just don’t stop at praying for them, but go ahead to pronounce blessings upon them!

God has not changed. ‘I am the Lord, I do not change.’

God has not changed!

God has not changed!

If you get that message, you’ll begin to apply the principle of speaking life over those near you.

For some Grace preachers who want an argument from the New Testament, I’ll give you one, or two.

Paul, in virtually all his letters, nay, all his letters, did not fail to bless the brethren. You will see things like, ‘Grace and peace be unto you.’

Jesus, our Master, led by example. His first sermon – the famous Sermon on the Mount, ‘The Beatitudes,’ was one of blessing. ‘Blessed are the….’

Go about and be a true son of God.  Be like your father. Bless people. Call people and bless them. Tell them, ‘You are blessed!’ How hard is that?

Well friend, I’ll like to remind you that:

You are blessed!

You are prosperous!

God has blessed you!

The path is shining brighter and brighter!

Your business is moving!

You are getting that job!

Divine health is yours!

Again, you are blessed!

Go out today knowing that you are a walking blessing.

This series will continue.

I must be a blessing!


Ike Amadi is a fiercely passionate young man whose life is to motivate others to do something. He is Author of the book, ‘Do Something!’ He tweets via @ikeamadi

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Mercy

    You’re blessed, my Graceful Writer!

  • Thank you for declaring me a walking bless. I have received it and it is working wonders for me. I am blessed! I am going to get my dream job, turn my clutter to a cash, dream big and unleash my dreams and claim my blessings IJN – Amen.

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