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Christian Core Statements


God is our Creator. He is perfect. He is perfect in His love, which He desires to lavish on us. But He is also perfect in His justice, which burns with white-hot rage at anything evil.
God perceives us in two ways. We are loved by Him, passionately, deeply, perfectly. We are people created in God’s image for a relationship with God. But we are also corrupted by evil and have fallen out of relationship with God.

God’s love is the reason He longs for us. God’s justice is the reason that we all face eternal separation from Him. Some call this the cosmic dilemma. The solution -the only solution -comes from God Himself. He sent His Son, Jesus, to live the perfect life.
Jesus was fully man and fully God. The primary aim and work of His life was to pay the penalty for our evil nature. He did that by allowing His life to be taken through an execution on a cross. Though Jesus was a man of miracles, one miracle stands above all others -Jesus rose from the dead. Now, because of His execution and resurrection, Jesus rules the spiritual world, and one day He will be the judge of the physical world.

Christianity is not an academic exercise. What is required is to respond. If anyone, from a choirboy to a hardened prison inmate, decides to follow Christ, the response is the same. We come to God both as our lover and our judge. We speak to Him and to Him alone. We tell Him that we are aware of the distance between us. We tell Him we desire to restore the relationship broken by evil. (Evil can be as blatant as cheating on our spouse or as slippery as loving money of feeling pride). Whatever it is, we tell Him we are willing to do an about-face from this evil to follow Him.

We tell Him that we believe in His sacrifice on the cross as payment for our evil. We tell Him we believe in the miracle of His resurrection. Finally, we tell Him we are willing to trust Him as leader of our lives in a relationship that is personal, not academic-no matter where that takes us.

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