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Life’s so full of disappointments. Every day, we live to face various forms of disappointments. It always seems like we never really get what we want out of life. But can we really improve our lives? Could we ever “live the dream”, as it were, right here on earth? Well, I do believe it is possible. Anyone can. You can have that life you’ve always wanted.

In Ephesians 2:10, the Bible describes man as God’s workmanship, more like His masterpiece. But look what we’ve done to ourselves. Man has sinned even from the beginning and has almost destroyed God’s great amazing work. We connive with the devil in constantly marring God’s unique plans for us. We have steadily allied with the enemy.

However, it is of great relief to know that something can actually be done about it. God thought up a solution for us already. Isn’t that amazing? Most of the disappointments we experience are usually brought about by even some of the most basic issues. This could range from desiring the wrong things to setting the wrong kind of goals and perhaps assessing oneself using the wrong standards. For instance, a fish that is being judged by its ability to climb a tree will probably live all its life feeling really worthless.

Consider this illustration: A man who loves apples so much decides to plant an apple tree in his backyard. In due time, the tree grows and starts to fruit. But unfortunately, this apple tree did not produce any good apples as the man had anticipated. It[the tree] brought up very terrible apples that were unpleasant and inedible. He was disappointed. Then he thought of what to do and then came up with a solution. He then went to a fruit market and there he bought a big basket of fresh and juicy apples, the kind he loved most. Then he got a tape and he taped them all to his apple tree. So it seemed his tree now had good apples right?

So many of us deal with issues just like the man in that illustration. Rather than seek for the root cause of our problems we are quite satisfied with the “quick-fix” measures we can get. What do you think that man should have done? Perhaps he should have tried improving the soil on which his tree is growing by fertilizing and watering it properly. Maybe the roots of the tree were even faulty and have some sort of restricted growth. Fact is that something fundamental had gone wrong. Maybe he planted the wrong tree in the first place.

We, as human beings, are products of what goes on in our hearts(our roots). What we hold inside will always spill out. If you desire change, you must dig deep into your heart to uproot all of the ugly stuff that lie there. It doesn’t matter whether they are active or not, they are all just as lethal.

A method that works

The battle for change in our lives is in the mind. We need to focus on the things above. We must think on the right things. We have to water and fertilize our hearts with the truth. To stop disappointing yourself, you need to battle it right from the source -your heart.

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.                Romans 12:2

I will encourage you to take time out to read Colossians 3:5-14. Pay close attention to verses 8 and 12. You will notice that there are things to “put off” and others to “put on”.

This method is simply yet very effective. It works like some sort of replacement/substitution process. We must put to death the wrong thoughts that consume us and begin to put on the right ones to correct them. If you will get rid of any lie that you’ve believed in the past, you must search out biblical truths that corrects that lie and hold on to that instead.

Stay blessed !!


  • Good one.

    God help us fix things right.

  • I pledge to “put off” unbelief , carnality and fear of the unknown an d declare today to “put on” holiness as a garment, meditate daily and trust on the infallible promises of the Bible

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