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Is God’s Presence Visible?

Acts- 4:13: Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marveled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.

Without a doubt, I know for certain that I’d read this verse before, but during my devotion sometime ago, I got some really fresh insight that I’d never actually gotten before.

After Christ’s ascension, the disciples got that Awaited Promise. This changed their lives: they became radical, being Spirit-driven of God. They were being used by a mighty God – obviously! They were carriers of God’s presence and this was evident in the way miracles took place everywhere. The religious leaders then arrested them (Peter and John), examined and cross-examined them, and were astonished. These guys didn’t know Queen’s English, they didn’t even have a Bachelor’s degree not to talk of a Master’s or even a Doctorate. Yet boldness, they displayed, and wielded so much power. This must have been really confusing and the only sensible explanation was that “they must have been with Jesus”.

God’s presence is perceivable. Its effect can be so strong that people around you will certainly notice it. Joseph carried God’s presence and his boss knew it. When Samson lost God’s presence, he awoke and did exactly as he’d done before but nothing happened because God’s presence had departed without him noticing. God is not in superficial activities. It is either He is with you or He is not. If you claim He is with you, why is it that those around you do not notice anything?

Look, dear friend, God doesn’t need any of us to be special before He manifests through us. You can be a carrier of His presence irrespective of your financial, social or academic status. What he needs you to do is give it all up to Him. He will surely take care of the rest. Can it be said by people around you that you have been with Jesus? Do you tarry in His presence? Do you even yearn for Him or do you seek to do it on your own? Samson thought he was “strong”, see how he ended. Please, if you’ve severed yourself from the source, I plead with you, find your way back. Without His presence you can do nothing whereas with His presence, friend, YOU can do ANYTHING !!

Please wait on Him today, He wouldn’t stand you up !!

As always, Stay blessed


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