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Grace: God’s Love in Action

A man walked up to a man of God one day and he asked “What do I need to do to be saved?” The man of God looked at him and replied “My friend, you are well over 2000 years too late. It’s all been done already”.

And that is the truth. We need not do anything more to be saved. All’s been done and paid for. This concept of Grace continues to amaze me and I am still praying to God to help me understand it the more. It negates “common sense” and many people struggle to understand its true meaning.

Grace is God’s gift. It is the face of God when we err. Someone once defined Grace as “unmerited favor”.  It is that which we receive from God without deserving. Grace isn’t something we work for, we receive Grace without asking.

The story of the woman in Luke 7:36-50 clearly highlights what Grace is like. The woman didn’t have to utter one word in order to have her sins forgiven. Jesus said to her “thy faith hath saved thee”. She didn’t even have to utter one word! Isn’t that amazing?

In Ephesians 2:8, we see that God’s gift is accepted by faith (just as the woman did) hence we need to try to stop reasoning as if we can do “enough” to earn it. A colleague of mine once had a challenge and in her prayer she would say something like “God, you know I’ve been a good girl now, please help me out”. How does that sound? And many of us do same in various forms. Some of us even demand things from God as if He owes us something. This shouldn’t be so. Grace is a gift and we ought to accept it with gratefulness and appreciation.

But you need to remember that there is only one way to access that grace from God and its through Jesus. He is the ONLY authorized channel by The Father. No other besides Him. All we need to do is bring ourselves to him just the way we are and He has promised to take care of the rest. Just make sure your heart is correctly conditioned because that’s what He would be looking at.

Hence,  just as it is written in Hebrews 4:16, march up to the throne of grace today and all you need fixing will be fixed. Please do not delay. Grace is God’s Love in Action!

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    SteadyGrace is my name now! 🙂

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