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Lusting after God

This topic might sound a bit weird but it certainly is true. Many Christians today only lust after God, they serve God because of what they hope to receive. In my last post, I wrote about the kind of love God has for man which is radical in nature. But when we are being shown so much love how do we reciprocate that. Often times, we do it the wrong way.

The dictionary defines lust as a great eagerness or enthusiasm for something. Well, many people would say “I am only ‘zealous’ for my God” but truly they are only lusting. Lust is a counterfeit of God’s love. It is selfish, self-centered and seeks to exploit the object. Lust is inordinate.

When a subject is lusting after an object, he will show a lot of interest, shower gifts and feign care for the object. For instance, a man could do anything to convince a lady, whom he is lusting after, that he loves her. But as soon as he gets what he wants, she wouldn’t mean much to him anymore.

So it often is with our relationship with God. Many claim to love God but they only truly desire what they can get from Him. You find such people going back once they get what they want or perhaps if they don’t get what they want. This thing is a deeply rooted problem. Often times it is really difficult to discern when one is starting to lust because truly, it really isn’t bad to ask for good things from God after all He’s our Heavenly Father. But it becomes a problem when that’s all we care about. God created us to relate with. He wants our hearts.

Dear friend, I’d like you to try to answer this questions within yourself sincerely so you know where you stand. Do you love God? Why do you love God?  Would you be content to be in a Heaven without God? Examine yourself to see that your love is not really lust!

God bless you !!

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  • Word bro!
    Deep words!!
    Lord Help Me!!!

  • Ike Amadi

    Very good work…I like it…

    keep writing, bro.
    was totally blessed reading!

  • keshi

    Hmm. Lord help me!
    May God bless you sir

  • Joseph femi

    True talk, God help us all in Jesus name(Amen)

  • Omobolaji

    true words. U truly touched my heart.

  • Mercy

    Real and inspiring!

    God help me more!

    Bless you brother!

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