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Radical Love

The ways and things of God never cease to confound one. They often times defy any sense of logic and seem unreasonable. The parables Jesus told in Luke 15, just like several others, are good examples that show us how amazing God’s love is to us. Let’s take a practical look at those three parables.

First, we see a shepherd who leaves his 99 sheep in the WILDERNESS (unattended) just to go in search of one which was lost and which he wasn’t sure he was ever going to find (Or perhaps he could find it dead!). And that’s not the end o! He goes ahead to throw a party after finding the lost one and in the process spend money (and perhaps kill some of the sheep for meat). That is one.

The second parable we read about in the same chapter talks about a woman who loses a coin out of about 10 which she had. Okay, let’s say she was really broke and needed the money. She could have waited till day-break to find the missing coin after all it was still in her house and no one was going to steal it. But no, she spent oil (which was expensive at that time like kerosene now) and swept the whole house that same night. After she eventually found it, she called friends to “owanbe” where she perhaps had to spend some more coins hosting.  You’ll agree with me that it seems like bad business.

The last parable, to me, is even the most “ridiculous”. The matter should have been settled once the boy made that request because in those days, a child could be stoned to death for such “gross disrespect”. But what did we see, the father showed “unnecessary” mercy and even took back this erstwhile stubborn boy.

I can imagine the Pharisees and co accusing Jesus of being too impractical, and I think they might have been in some way correct. The truth is that the kind of love God has shown, and is still showing, to mankind is just not practical to man. No man can do such. The extent of God’s love towards man is unattainable by any mortal man. That is why He is God. The Bible says GOD is Love. We do not deserve it but He chose to give it- and in abundance too!

This is why we should stop trying to “earn” God’s love because we could NEVER do enough! Salvation is by Grace alone. God didn’t create us to worry. All we need to do is just submit our all to Him and watch Him use us to His glory alone!!


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  • Good stuff!

    We can’t compete with God’s love. We can, however, try to replicate that love he has shown us to our neighbours.

    Thanks for sharing, bro!

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