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And just like that the year 2012 has ended. Not too long ago, we celebrated New year and now it’s 31st December already. Now on the verge of 2013, I can take one last look back into the year 2012 and I reflect on so many things. I can see the positives, and well, the not so positive. As a whole, they all help give this unique balance, one that I am grateful to God for. The Bible says that in all things we should give thanks. Therefore I really am grateful to God for all the experiences of 2012.

In the course of the year, I have learnt some very vital lessons about life that I believe are invaluable. Here I gladly share “some” of them with you dear friend.

God is super-every-very faithful: On the 1st of January, following the advice of a man of God, and in accordance with the scriptures (Hab 2:2), I made a pretty long list of my plans and goals and today, 31st December, all of them got a response from above. This really is my big testimony. Words cannot accurately describe how grateful I am to God for this. However, this led to another vital lesson.

Be careful what you wish for: Looking at my requests again and the replies, I’ve come to learn to be more careful when next I’m making a request from God. Some replies came in very unique ways that surprised. Some others were really tough to pull through.

More Emotions, less common sense : One of my requests to God in 2012 was that I needed “a word” with regards to marriage in the year. And boy! He gave me even more than just “a word”. I realized that emotionality is quite inversely proportional to sensibility. I had someone move from being a total stranger to close friend and then to complete stranger again even before the year came to an end. In the process I also learned that communication is crucial to every and any relationship, irrespective of the kind. Your level of communication determines the level that relationship attains. My “friend” didn’t think it was important and the relationship fizzled out just like that.

Words can mean little when not backed up with action

Talk is cheap”                                 –Anonymous

For a long time I think I’d almost always gotten away with my gullibility, but not in 2012. I learned to be objective and a little more pragmatic. I had people tell me one thing and then see them do something totally different (or in some cases do NOTHING!!). In no time at all, I found myself telling people Do something! Do something!!

The world isn’t ending just yet :): I remember all the fuss people made about the reported “Armageddon” and it was really interesting to see the outcome. I was fascinated to see people believe such. Well, too bad for them, life goes on.

In all, 2012 was an amazing year for me in so many ways. I have absolutely no regrets. I don’t know about you but there’s something I’m reassured about, it is that God’s love never fails -because HE is LOVE. 2012 taught me that.

And so here I am on the borders of 2013, I look forward to improving on the progress made in 2012. I believe this is what we should all be looking to do. The past is history, no need to look in that direction too much. Now I must focus on 2013 and make the most of the opportunities it is laden with.

I am really grateful to all of you who’ve supported this column and blog all year. Special thanks to “Mr Fresh” for the privilege. See you all on the other side, 2013 that is 🙂

Happy New Year friends !!!

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    • Fola

      God bless you too ma !!

      Happy New Year 🙂

    • Fola

      Thanks for reading.

  • Funmi

    Happy new year!

    • Fola

      Happy New Year to you too !!

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