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Sisters why…!?!

Trust me, this is not something I really like to do but sometimes I just cannot help it. I like to write about religious stuff but some of these issues do come up that one cannot really ignore.

You might be wondering what this issue might be. Well it’s our sisters o! Especially our African sisters abroad.

When I was in Nigeria, I used to imagine that almost all white women dress inappropriately. Now I know that is far from the truth. I also thought “we” were the only ones that did dress decently. How naive I was!!

It’s becoming an eyesore seeing how most African ladies in Ukraine dress (I say that because I live here). Even in the church!!

I hate to make comparisons but I would make an exception here. I dare say that the typical Ukrainian girl doesn’t use half as much “fake things” as a typical African girl would. Sisters why?

It hurts me even more when I see this happening in the church. If you say Jesus is in your heart how come that doesn’t affect your dress sense.

It even hurts worse to realize that this excesses don’t make any one of them any more beautiful. Often times its proves repulsive to many men. I guess a lot of them do not know this.

Please, in the name of God, dear sisters, I do not have anything against your make up and the rest but please don’t try to rubbish God’s glory in the process. You are wonderfully and beautifully made. Don’t dress to make people begin to doubt that.

God bless you all !!

Have a splendid week ahead !!

  • fine one.

    I hope the ladies heed.

  • Mercy

    ” If you say Jesus is in your heart how come that doesn’t affect your dress sense.” My best line. You’r doing wonderfully well man. Prouda u!

  • ehis

    i totally agree with you, i think its even worse here in russia…i dont really know who they want to impress!

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