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The 5-finger Gospel

Have you ever found yourself in a situation wherein you feel this urge or prompting to share something about the gospel with someone but you seem to go blank and you’re just left with no words to say?

Well maybe you haven’t but I certainly have. A friend of mine shared with me something that could help. I think he must have had such a challenge before too. It’s called the “5-Finger Gospel”. It is just a short summary of some basic things about the Christian faith which could be shared anytime. The five fingers of the hand are used to sort of act as some kind of reminder of the points.

I must say here that most of them actually bear very little similarities but I still think it is really easy to memorize. Let’s take a look at them:

The Thumb which is “robust” represents God’s free gift of salvation. It is such a huge gift and what’s even more amazing about it is that we didn’t even have to work for it. We only need to simply accept it.

When pointing at something, we see that the Fore-Finger refers to our target whereas the three other fingers below tend to point back at us. This should help us remember that God’s gift had to be free else no one would’ve been able to get it because “All have sinned”. The point here is that: we are all guilty.

Notice that the Middle Finger is the “tallest” amongst all, well this is used to illustrate that God’s mercy is greater than our sin. Though we deserve punishment for our sins, God chooses to be a merciful Father who instead lets His dear Son take our place. This displays His mercy and justice.

Where do people usually place engagement or wedding rings? On the Fourth Finger I think. This reminds us that Jesus is the Groom and we are His bride. He is coming someday to take us with Him. Also, our acceptance of Him signifies some sort of engagement to Him therefore we must remain faithful to our commitment. No flirting(with the world) whatsoever is permitted.

Finally, there’s the Little Finger. It is termed “little” and this should remind us that all we need is just to have a little faith. Faith in Jesus and His redemptive work is all that’s needed. Once that is satisfied, well, it’s as good as done then

Hope this serves as a useful tool for you. You should always remember that now you have the gospel “at your fingertips” . Memorize it. Use it, and trust God to work through you. All you need is just a “little” faith. Only Believe!!

  • God richly bless you for sharing bro….simple yet very powerful…

    I will share with my beloved friends and family!

  • keshi

    Wowowow! This is so cool. My five fingers. Ok. Would so love to practise it. Leme read again, understand, and see if I can remember…lol.

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