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For the past two weeks, I’ve been involved at a camp with a couple of friends at my local church to help work in the English practice section of the camp. There, we had kids from the ages of about six to fifteen. It was really amazing working with them.

I have to admit that initially when I was made the offer to serve, I was reluctant because I had set my sights on getting a vacation job to make some cash this summer. I however changed my mind when none was forthcoming and at that time it seemed to me as an opportunity to escape idleness and boredom -I was wrong!

I didn’t have any idea what I signed up for until we started. Prior to our first day at the school, my friends and I met to make out a plans for activities to engage the kids. I was saying to them in my mind “c’mon! It possibly can’t be as tough as this”. Again -I was wrong!

Then came our first day and, whoa! it was just simply “crazy”. It seemed as if we had not “planned” at all. We had to improvise a couple of times just to ensure the whole thing didn’t end up a total failure. Then I realised it wasn’t going to be “a stroll in the park” as I had anticipated. After that we went back “to the drawing board” and regrouped. As expected, we improved!

However, what made this whole adventure interesting to me was the fact that it wasn’t “work-like” at all. I found myself (most of the time) having fun and really enjoying myself. The kids were amazing. Some were just “crazy”. At times I just watched the kids as they played and really enjoyed themselves, caring about nothing really. It made me think and I began to wonder what was different in them. I found their simplicity fascinating. Like my big brother (Akin) wrote,  “We shouldn’t complicate an already complicated life”. And I think that is where most grown-ups miss it. The weekend is here so please remember that Life is simple hence Live simply!!

Have a splendid weekend!!

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    keep doing something bro!

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