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What’s Wrong In It? by Fola Lana @folajo

Just the other day, I was just going through a friend’s timeline on Facebook and I came across this really interesting video. It was about the music industry. It focused solely on the American music industry actually and I found it truly enlightening. Although I cannot say that it was my first time of seeing such video (because I’ve seen a couple of others similar to it in the past), in this particular one, they seemed to get more detailed and I was amazed at some of the revelations they made in it. During the video, things like the “illuminati” and co were talked about. Names of some really really, I mean super-famous artists were mentioned and most of them were all pointed at being part of “the new world order” (or something like that). There they also “revealed” some of their signs and symbols which we see very often.

But all of these didn’t really astonish me as much as the fact that some of these truths are not actually far from our eyes (and ears too!) but people seem not to perceive anything. It’s really sad indeed. Some of them are just right there in our faces, I mean they say it out loud and slowly too at times (and this was not at a comedy show o!) but many people just wave it off as being meaningless.

But what really is the truth you might be tempted to ask. Well, the Bible answers all. We can see it clearly in James 4:4 that “friendship with the world is enmity with God”. Also we know we are the “light of the world” that should shine forth and “glorify God”. These are eternal truths that cannot be disputed. So coming back to music, we see that all of these circular songs do not, in any way, glorify God or even acknowledge Him. Some even directly go against Him. Some musicians even promote demonic and sinful practices that can only lead a person to hell. So here’s what I do not understand, how do people who call themselves Christians still listen to these kind of music and really expect to grow? Do they not try to merge Light and darkness? Truly, I find it a real bewilderment.

So here’s my conclusion, circular or worldly music is, and has always been, detrimental to the wellbeing of any true Christian. These songs do not glorify God but rather glorify the devil. Also, people should remember that whatever or whoever a singer (whose music you listen to) worships, you indirectly also worship. So in order not to be a partaker of their punishment, we must abstain totally from all forms of music that do not edify or minister grace to the hearer whatsoever. This is not to say music is not for a Christian as there are tons of gospel songs that minister grace and can also build one up spiritually and also draw one closer to God. So I urge you to be determined, get rid of those songs that do not (and will not) help you and replace them with the right ones and you’ll see yourself move a step closer to your maker.

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