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My 12 O’clock!

12 noon means so many different things to different people.

To the workers in the administrative section of my university, it means ‘Time for Break.’ And no matter the amount of money you are bringing to the school at that particular time, you are on your own.

I asked my friend and this is what she had to say:
“…twelve o’clock reminds me of lunch with my family. One of the things I missed when I got older and went off on my own was sitting around the table, holding hands and saying the prayer before the meal. It’s still something I like to do. Breakfast is always a “do your own thing” meal, as is dinner. Lunch was always the meal where we ate as a family; we sat down together, held hands together and prayed together. It’s not huge or anything…but it’s a memory that sticks with me. And to this day…I love those moments when I’m with my family and we sit down, take one another’s hands and pray before the meal. That feeling…it’s home.”

To me, 12 O’clock was when the whole family would gather to pray for daddy, asking that God would bless him and the family. This was usually a responsibility for us kids during the holidays while our father was still at the office.
It was significant. Such that when mummy returned from work, she would ask, “did you do your 12 o’clock prayer?” If you did, you earned a reward instantly.

Also, as kids, there was a time when we fasted nearly every day during holidays, and 12 o’clock was the time when we would break our fast.

Today, when it was 12 o’clock, I remembered those good old days and smiled.

So that is simply what 12 O’clock means to me.

What does 12 o’clock mean to you? Does it remind you of anything?


Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • I went to a Catholic primary school. 12 noon was time for the “Angelus”, a series of prayers. A good way to remind us that we should pause once in a while and appreciate the Man upstairs.

  • jazirahbello

    This brought back good memories of my childhood days. My mum use to say if she is nt through by 12o’clock then she can never be through it means a lot to her I dnt understand her then. Now to me it means everything because that is when my son comes back from school and my husband for launch. That’s when we sit and have launch as a family, now that is something cherishable.

  • Marcel @Hybern8

    12o’clock was really nothing that fantastic other than at boarding school then on saturdays, it was time for manual labor. Lots of ill memories. Especially when seniors used such time to hunt down the weak. Other than that, 12 o’clock makes me relax while at the office, knowing that the 2nd half of work time has commenced.

  • Mercy

    12 noon was the earliest time to break a fast when i was growing up. And any child faithful in doing so gets puff-puff and kunu. 🙂

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