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“Come And Dine With Me!”

So, my friend Alfred who lives in St. Petersburg comes into Moscow to take care of business.

I was not aware of his coming until I heard a knock on my door.

“Who is there?” I ask.

Without replying, my door flings open.

“Alfredo Demariano!” I scream from my chair. I was reading for an exam which I was to take the next day, but the excitement of seeing my friend again enabled me to take a break.

He walks in majestically and in his hand was a big bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

He makes himself at home, and I ask if he would love to take tea, juice or soft drink.

“Juice, please!” He answers.

I laugh and laugh. I didn’t have juice and he asks why I had included it in the options. I give some funny reason.

I offer to make him tea, he accepts, and while unpacking the chicken delicacy said, “Come and DINE with me!”

I usually say that ‘a woman cannot hold me down with food.’ No. Never! I can choose when to eat, where to eat, and what to eat. More so, I Can Cook! In fact, at functions, I have jokingly told some of my friends who asked why I wasn’t joining the others to eat that, ‘I don’t want the last memory you have of me to be with food.’

Although I wasn’t interested in eating any of his KFC, at the mention of the appealing word, ‘DINE,’ I got interested. The word seemed to open my bowels and make me desire the food.

That way, we dined and enjoyed every bit of the KFC. Perhaps I even ate more than him.

The words we use matter.

We might have the greatest of intentions but if we do not choose our words with a matching level of caution, we might lose those we were hitherto destined to bless.

The next time I want to take someone out, I know the right words to use.

“Come And Dine With Me!”

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