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I Can Cook!

“The way you cook, the way you roll.”

Yes I can cook!

How do I know I can cook? Because several people have told me so. Oh well, the simple fact that several people who at one time or the other have told me that I can cook does not authenticate the fact that I can cook, rather it complements and consummates the already known ideology.

According to my perception, analysis, observation and experimentation, it takes immense grace to cook and cook well.

Now I am not trying to sound spiritual here. I’m just using the terms at my disposal to explain this interesting observation.

Does not the food you cook show the state of your mind?

If burnt, does it not show you are not focused?

If salty, some say you are in love.

If rich and generously decorated, does it not show that you have a generous heart?

If you have a small pot and love to eat alone, does it not imply that you have a stingy personality?

I digress!

While growing up, I never really had any formal training for food preparation. I learnt to cook either via watching someone cook or asking the procedure for cooking certain meals.

I mean the most my fresh mum would let me do in the kitchen was check if the food had adequate salt, apart from, of course, Sunday tea time which became my responsibility to arrange at one point in time.

Never a phone call ending without my mum asking if I’ve had something to eat. I’m sure she wonders how her little boy is able to fend for himself without the influence of beautiful young ladies skilled in the art of cooking.

They say, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his belly.’ I remember when I had one of my friends come over from his city to Moscow. When I complained that I’d have to seek a lady who would be cooking for me since I was already too busy to cook, he remarked that I better be careful before I find myself falling in love with someone I didn’t plan to fall in love with.

Does it not then lend credence to the fact that you are not just eating some ingredients; that you are actually eating a part of someone? That you are fellowshiping with his spirit, love and vision for life? That you just partook in his personality?

Strong questions I know.

But does cooking well depend solely on being endowed with the perfect cooking skills? Or is it a personality thing?

If it is a direct reflection of the spirit, should I then concentrate on investing more into making my spirit fresher and ultimately getting involved with a fresh lady with a fresh spirit?

And is the fact that a person can cook a direct indication of the state of his spirit?

Perhaps it is a gift. Or perhaps a talent. Maybe a skill, then that will mean that great cooking skills can be acquired!

Lend your voice let’s solve this puzzle so we all can become better cooks.


Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • The Culinary skill is an art, and an art is a gift, I believe 🙂

  • Good piece, never thought of it that way; I agree with you somewhat about cooking reflecting the person’s personality(I’m trying hard to remember an evil person who cooks well). So may your cooking never be burnt.

  • ike

    hahahaha….@Dr E!
    Thanks 4 the very refreshing comment.
    Amen, It will never be burnt as long as I don’t cook and tweet : )

    Thanks for the comment, Kemi.

  • Chidimma ukauwa

    Luvly piece! If i’m not mistaken u said …”eating a part of someone… Fellowshiping with his spirit, love n vision for life”… Does that explain gettin bewitched after eating food cooked by a witch?

  • Anton

    Everything has a point to play at one point in time.

    There might never be a need for a restaurant if i must be eating a part of someone.

    But i have also noticed that women who work here easily get husbands, boyfriends or babies.
    Maybe it means all factors apply!

    “I can cook”


  • lucas andrew

    Wow! What‘s it about cooking?, but then if you ask me who is the best cook in this WORLD! I‘ll definetely tell you my sweet mum..cos growing up as a little kid, i have never seen my dad for a day complained of my mum‘s badcook/food not even for once; not even we the children til date nd as i speak to you right now she is a professional cheff Working with an international hotel in my city… Now! Imagine me not being a bad cook huh! But the surprise thing is i don‘t have a common pot in my own apartment nd please dont ask me why/how do i eat? So anypretty lady out there thinking she ain‘ gonna surprise me intimes of cooking hmm you ain‘t started yet.. You better get ready coz i ain‘take no shitt for food but i appreciate a good cook, coz the bestway to a man‘s heart is through his belley: To all the prettyladies out there nd jentle men bein‘ a good cook is the main thing-these are true words.

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  • keshi

    Wow wow! This is so wow. Never thought of cooking in this light before. More palm oil to your elbows sir 🙂

  • Thanks, ma’am….Thank you for reading!

  • QueenBee

    Cool write….ur words and I quote “If salty, some say you are in love” and others say what? I would like to know….what do you have to say about ladies that cook for barchelors & some woment that don’t cook as a contract, are their souls tied up?….the way to a man’s heart is through his belly has more than one meaning….men don’t only fall inlove with good cooks….I agree with ur breakdown of how cooking relates to us….

  • Obviously, others will say you are a bad/careless cook if salty.

    As regards women who cook for others as a contract, perhaps there begins to exist a certain likeness for the cook- not sure.

    Perhaps that explains why certain men fall into sin with the house maid, probably because she takes care of the feeding.

    I have not researched that angle, but most certainly, there must be a change in the emotional make-up of a man or woman who tends to eat out all the time. There certainly must be!

    Food is important, I think. It cannot just be the food alone. There must be something more.

    What it is, the article intends to find out after good people like you have shared their experience(s)

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