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I Will Wait For You!

“I will wait for you!”

Those were the sweetest words I had heard in my life. It sounded better than my favorite song. Immediately, I started smiling. He just knew how to make me smile. He knew the right words that keep me going.

Oh, Tim! How sweet art thou? I remember how every morning he would send me a text with very fresh words. He was consistent, unchanging; and although he sent me a text every day, he never repeated lines. I wonder how he did that. I just wonder.

Those days, I would wait for his heart warming texts. For fear I would disrespect God by reading his texts before my Bible, I always read a portion of the scripture, try to meditate on a verse before heading off to read the text. 9:30 was the time I had my first class and at exactly 9:10, the text would come in. which is exactly when I get set to leave my room. His duty was to make sure I started my day with a smile – and he always lived up to it.

Now he had graduated. He is leaving to the real world; to start a life for himself and create a future for the both of us – I believe.

I expected something different at the airport. Some good bye kisses at least. We had never kissed before all through the two years I have been dating him. When the urge was there, he would hug me so tight and give me a fore-head kiss, or kiss my hair after telling me how nice my hair smelt today. Oh how gently he would stroke my hair. I always wanted to be in his arms. They were the safest place for my troubled spirit. When I am in his arms, I am content, I am at peace. I am assured of tomorrow.

Oh Tim!

The last call for his flight came and even though I expected a kiss, he gave me something to hold on to – He will wait for me.

I looked up at him, smiled and repeated the same words, ‘I too will wait for you.’

He smiled. I didn’t cry. He had told me that I will never be cold when he was around, and truly, his love kept me warm. He always said I will never cry when he was near, and truly his words kept me smiling.

He looked at me and without thinking answered, ‘I Know!’


Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Tope

    It makes me feel 21 again… Totally in love. Well written

  • Ray

    I’m short of words to describe this write-up……’s simply amazing!!!

  • keshi

    Nice! I really wonder if this exists in the real world though. GOD help HIS people…

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