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Metro Love!

Oh how beautiful some Russian ladies can be when they want to be.

Marrying a Russian will be something way over the top, not even if I wanted to. Different cultures, and all other sentiments.

Having that seal I tend to be more introverted in my relations with Russians of the opposite sex.

Today, however, this beauty I could but resist. It had everything in it: sweetness, gentleness and beauty itself. She was visibly laden with grace. There was that aura of. Authenticity, simplicity and an explicit innocence in her modus operandi et vivendi.

I was willing to tap into the freshness, if not for a little bit.

She will look at me and smile, we were shoulder to shoulder, and once d wagon tilted, we would brush each other’s shoulders all in an effort to find balance. Of course, the sorrys will follow and the ‘oh-never- mind!’

I decided to stop playing with my phone and ask where she was to get off. I had summoned courage to do that; got rid of my phone which was the object of my attention and tried to focus on the young beauty before me.

But before the ‘hi’ could be uttered by my tongue which was apparently slow when I needed it most, she spoke.

‘Where are u getting off?’ She asked me. Now I was willing to extend my journey for her sake or even change routes. I mean, tis the moscow metro. I’ll find my way back to my desired location.

Before I could answer, she added, albeit nicely, “I am getting off in the next stop, would u mind stepping aside for a little bit, that is if u aren’t getting off in the next stop?”

And yes, she got off within seconds and I continued playing with my phone.

Switching positions brought me in contact with this other equally nice and glaringly beautiful young lady. Without thinking twice, I asked where she was headed. When she answered back in english, I knew this was the chance. Time to kill!

I wasted no time in acquainting myself with her and a conversation ensued between us.
Of course I couldn’t let her go without inviting her for the Easter concert at church. I know her life will never remain the same after an encounter in His presence!

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Tope

    I want more….what did you talk about? Did she accept the invite? It is very graphic and I can picture you and her in the Metro. Well done.

  • ike

    Thanks… Appreciate. More will come. LOL

  • Rita


  • Eric

    papi! u re just too gifted! On ur own level

  • Joannishka

    Molodets Ike! i loved it, waiting for more!

  • @clarinet1803

    Just like you said, I do love it. Happens to me often, howbeit with nigerian ladies :D. Gingerly awaiting the concluding part of the story sha. 😐