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The Leaking Window!

Winter is gradually coming to an end. With spring setting in, I think of the highlights of this very winter. There were lots of fun times – lots and lots – but the customary negativity with Mr. Winter was of course winter itself.
The cold is sickening, sometimes depressing and can be very much injurious to one’s physical health if not treated with utmost concern.
I am currently accustomed to wearing a pair of socks while in my room.
The English say that ‘A man’s house is his castle’. My castle happened to be very cold. When I sought the reason for the incessant coldening concern, I discovered that I had a leaking window. No matter how much clothing I wore, the cold from the leaking window neutralized the heat from the heating system.
I tried sealing the window using cellophane tapes and other traditional means but to no avail. The cold had come to stay.
After several months of enduring this disheartening menace, I decided to consult a professional. I sought professional help.
Within minutes, the carpenter had done the magic. My winter woes were over. Although it was winter outside, it was summer inside my castle.
“Why did I not consult him when I first noticed it?” I quizzed myself. Obviously, there must have been cogent, plausible reasons that perhaps might have encouraged my not having approached a professional, but the foremost of them would be what the physicists call “inertia”.
Inertia according to Wikipedia, is the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest, or the tendency of an object to resist any change in its motion.
Inertia comes from the Latin word, iners, meaning idle, or lazy
How has inertia stopped you from going for your dreams? How has it stopped you from changing your ways?
A human being will continue in his impractical way of solving a particular problem rather than leave that method and seek better means.
Another example: A man, who has a TV – an expensive TV – that has developed a technical fault, will find it easier to spend more money on trying to fix the TV it than forego it when he discovers it has eaten deep into his finances.
Because of the money he has already spent trying to bring the TV set back to its working condition, he finds it very difficult to let it go. In the end, he spends more money on the TV set and the TV still doesn’t get fixed.
Now let me bring this home a little.
A lady or a guy in a potentially destructive relationship will find it easier to keep investing into the relationship rather than saying goodbye to it.
There is this false sense of hope that just keeps making you pour in more irreplaceable and irrecoverable amount of time, energy, resources, and personal endowments which in the end will lead to total destruction of the person via such destructive tendencies.
Yes it is not easy. But yes you can do something about it!
One new way of doing something is to let it go! Try!
Everybody cannot be wrong and you alone right. Hardly possible!
Do not think in the end everything will be fine. Everything might actually be fine in the end, but what use will it be if you cannot enjoy that end?
So friends, find strength to overcome that inertia. Consult! Listen! Do! Change you ways! Change your method before it changes you!
Learn to say no to wrong investment. ‘To what end?’ I ask you, to what end?
Stop trying to manage when clearly that situation or loop hole is eating deep into your life savings. Do something about it!
The next time I experienced an electric fault with one of the sockets in my room, I didn’t try to figure out the problem was, nor did I try to manage the situation, I called a professional. Within 30 minutes of his venturing and dismantling, the problem was fixed. The sparks were gone, and the threat of a fire outbreak caused by malfunction of electric sockets was erased, at least for a very long time.
It has worked for me. It will work for you. Give it a try!
Now to something very serious, have you noticed an anomaly in your body system, A pain in your body, a swelling in your skin, a foot out of joint or a tooth that is decaying, don’t try to manage the situation, seek professional help. Do something about it!
‘We can’t seem to find the time. ’ we tell ourselves, yet we find the time to feel the pain. If only we knew the magnitude of what that apparently manageable malignant body will look like in the future, we will do something about it today!
I’ll end with a story I heard:
An animal while passing by a fenced farm, saw some fruits inside the farm through a hole on one of the walls of the fence.
The owner had travelled out of town. The animal let himself into the farm through the hole and started helping himself with the produce on the farm. He did so day and night, everyday.
After some days, the owner returned. On seeing that the fruits on the farm were ripe and ready to be plucked, he muttered loudly, ‘in seven days, I will come and harvest the produce.’ The animal heard him and shivered. Once the owner came by, he knew he was going to end up in a pot of steaming pepper soup.
The animal headed for the exit from which he entered. No way! It was impossible. He was now bigger. He had grown fat. Chei! What was he going to do? He was not going to eat anything.
He took to fasting and so for seven straight days he neither ate nor drank anything. That way he saved his head.
Save your head today! Do Something!

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.