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Yes We Have!

“Dude, how did your day go?” my dad asked me.

The day had been a rough one. The Government had demanded that everyone interested in applying for the scholarship program will have to do a series of tests including a HIV test. That was the final test.

I had entered several laboratories and done several blood tests. Some results, I got after a few minutes; others, after some hours. In the end, the tests were done and I was home safe and dry.

“Thank God, the test was negative!” I answered.

“What were you expecting?” He asked me, taking his face off the TV screen.

At that point in time, I didn’t fully understand the reason for his asking that question. Now I do.

As a Christian who is doing something, your primary expectation should be that of success. Don’t expect otherwise. It should not be a surprise when you make it. You have to make it. It should not be a surprise when things work in your favour, they should work in your favour.

Start each day with the mindset of the conqueror. Don’t start the day with a ‘maybe’ mindset.

I was discussing with a senior friend about my intentions to further my education elsewhere. “Which school do you intend to apply to?” He asked me. “Anyone that is willing to take me.” I answered.

He went ahead to mention one of the best schools in the world. At the mention of the name of the school which every engineering student knows, my eyes lit up and I added, “Wow! That will be cool.”

“Why not?” He screamed, sensing that I didn’t have such top notch school in mind.

Friend, I ask you the same question, “why not?” Why don’t you think you can go through that test? Why don’t you think you’ll come out the best in that interview? Why don’t you think you can work in any company you set your heart to work in? Just work hard at meeting the preliminary requirements and see things work in your favour.

2 Cor 4:7, a verse that is slowly becoming my favorite, started with “But WE HAVE…” my dear, you have! I have! We have! It goes on to talk about the treasure we have. Start acting like you have. Don’t talk, walk, act like the have-nots! You have! Begin to see yourself as someone who has!

Well then, never think time is gone. The best time to start is now.

IF you have a project you need to do, start now. Do Something about it now.

‘Oh! My reputation is dented!’ you say. Start building it anew now.

‘I don’t have funds!’ start saving or applying for a job. They’ll take you. You have!

Friend, don’t keep thinking and thinking. Tis time to Do Something!



Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Elise

    Nice write up! The Lord is God!!!

  • Rev. Victor

    Its funny most times when you start doin sometin that is new, mockery might come around remember what happened to uncle Noah durin d construction of the ark? Go back and continue with that thing you abounded jari. ‘Do something’

  • Eric

    Great piece papi! personaly motivated

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