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7 Lessons From The Manna



I belong to a family on twitter called #la187. We are reading through the Old Testament in 187 days, and it has been such an insightful journey for me. If you are on twitter, you’d do well to be a part of this family. Follow the moderator @ikeamadi. We are currently studying the Exodus, and as I studied the 16th chapter, I penned down 7 vital lessons we should glean from the Manna. Here we go:

#1. The Manna wasn’t a finished product, they had to process it before eating it. They had to boil or bake the manna before they could eat it. In like manner, we also have our roles to play in the fulfilment of God’s plan for our lives. You have to go out to gather the manna, boil or bake it, before it will meet your need.

#2. The Manna was much more than they bargained for. They just wanted bread, but God gave them what beat their imagination. They were so surprised they were asking, manna?( Which literally means what is it?) In the same vein, never confine God to the limit of your intelligence, He is able to do much more. Eph. 3:20

#3. The Manna was a daily provision. With the exception of the day before Sabbath when they had to gather for two days, the manna was a daily provision.

#4. The Manna was more than a food, it was a test. God gave them the mann to test their love for Him. Anything God gives you is more than a supply, it is a test. What you do with it determines either its cessation or sustained flow.

#5. The Manna came with a prescription. God didn’t just leave them to do whatever they wanted with the manna, He gave them dos and donts. It is the same for every divine supply; there are prescriptions you must adhere to.

#6. The Manna was balanced with meat. This one really hit me. Manna was from the supernatural, but meat was from the natural. The Manna came in the morning, and meat was supplied in the evening. God ensured a balance between the supernatural and the natural. Many of us get so lost in the supernatural that we forget that we have a duty to the natural. There are many “spiritual” people, who isolate themselves, with no significant impact in their world. Truth is, we receive from God to release to the world. We are not of the world but we are sent to them. We must strike that balance.

#7. The Manna didn’t last forever. The moment the Israelites arrived the border of Canaan, the manna ceased. The manna was a miracle, and for forty years, their lives were built around it. But, God stopped it because they had to learn responsibility. God often uses miracles to sustain baby believers, but just as no child can grow into an adult drinking only breast milk, no believer will grow building his walk with God on miracles. So when the manna ceases, it isn’t that God’s power has diminished or He has decided to abandon you, He is teaching how to walk. That would be a painful process, but at the end, it is always worth it.

Thanks for investing your time in reading through. Do comment and share. God bless you.

Oluwatobi POPOOLA,
For #La187

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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