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Can you attempt these questions…@La187family

Dear family,

To refresh our minds, please attempt these questions:

1. According to The Message version, what did Solomon ask for? 1 Kings 3:9

2.Did you observe that Solomon was actually dreaming when God spoke to him?
If you didn’t, please check 1 Kings 3:15
You now have. Please say what that tells you?

Please leave a comment or tweet the answer to @la187family.


Ike Amadi

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  • lizekaks

    Solomon asked God to give him a God listening heart so he can lead God’s people well; discerning the difference between good and evil,he said no one on his own is capable of leading a glorious people.

    • Yes Yes. God bless you for always leaving a comment.

  • lizekaks

    Yes he was dreaming…. it is 1 Kings 3:5

    • lizekaks

      this tells me God can speak to me through dreams….He actually does.

    • Yes yes. I made an error.

  • Mercy

    Solomon asked for a God-listening heart.

    And yes, Solomon was dreaming, therefore, I should dream.

    • That is true. What is evident was the state of his heart. If Solomon’s heart was not right with God from start, how could he have ‘answered’ in the dream, seeing that one is usually unconscious. Therefore, our hearts must be perfect before God…for we know not when he’ll visit.

      • Mercy

        True that!

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