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#la187. Day 67: Two Important Questions.

Hello family,

I’ve observed that my life is clearly centred around #la187.

I dream it, breath it, eat it, think it, pray it.

I’m excited for what God is doing.

I have two questions from the reading of today, 1 Samuel 29- 2 Samuel 1; Psalm 67

1. Do you really think David would have fought against the Israelites? What do you think would have happened had Achish allowed him to join in the battle?

2. Do you know why the men of Jabesh Gilead risked their lives to secure the corpses of Saul and sons? The answer is in one of the previous chapters we’ve read : )

I’ll be waiting for your answers.

Please participate.

Finally, reading Psalm 67 in The Message, a phrase was recurrent: “Let the people thank and enjoy you!” I like the ‘enjoy you,’ what we call Christian hedonism : )

And from KJV, when we thank and enjoy God, the earth will yield her increase.

Will you enjoy God today? Please read This fresh post on why you must enjoy God!

For the #la187 family

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Mercy

    1. I think, judging from the fact that David didn’t kill Saul even when he had opportunities to do so, saying he couldn’t raise his hand on the anointed of God; he wouldn’t have fought against God’s chosen people.

    • Nice. It would have been interesting to know the outcome of the war.

  • Azu

    I believe David would have destroyed d Philistines from d rear. His Loyalty to God, to Saul & to Isreal. But d 5 kings saved him from having to also betray d trust of d man who had sheltered him, much in d same way Abigail saved him from murder.

    As to d 2nd question, need to think about it some more.

    • Ok great. Please do. It is in one of the previous chapters. The question is, “Jabesh Gilead. Why were they moved to do that? What did Saul do for them that incited such loyalty?”

  • 1.I doubt David would fight against the Israelites.He has been deceiving Achish all along and had Achish fallen into it and allowed David to battle then he would have turned against him most probably.
    Thats what I think

  • Also, had David taken part in the war then no one would come to the rescue of the women

  • 2. Yes, They risked it was not a norm

    • Certainly. The question is, “why? What did Saul do for them that required such risking?”

    • they also risked being attacked by the philistines. In chapter 11 Saul rescued them from the Ammonites. Verse 11

  • Dr B.

    I’m very sure David wouldn’t go to war against his own people. We should remember that he is a very smart man. Even if Achish permitted him David would have found a way to opt out or give out the Phillistines.
    Saul remained a King even in death! He had his own die-hard loyalists. Rejected or not. Dead or alive. Jabesh-Gileadites honoured him and Israel by retrieving his corpse.

  • hey darling
    I am so inspired reading this
    I should join the #la187 fam asap
    FABtastic job hun
    Did a special holler on my latest blogpost here
    Then I thought you would love this picture so I will tweet it at you
    It is about enjoying God

    • Thank you, dear. Read your was wow. I posted a comment there as well. Waiting for the picture : )

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