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#la187 Day 9: United With Evil


Genesis 33: Although Esau and Jacob were reunited, Jacob did not follow him to Seir. Rather he took another way to Succoth.

God can choose to bring us victory through the heathens, but that doesn’t mean we should join hands with them. Many a Christian has fallen on this account. Be warned, Ike Amadi.

Genesis 34: Dinah, why?

Here we read the sad story of Dinah. I read it with a tear in one eye.

Both men and women must not befriend evil men or try ‘to see’ their ways. The disaster could be of notable proportion!

Genesis 35: Return to your country.

God said, “Return to your country.” God always speaks! We must follow God’s leading. I searched to see if God spoke to Jacob to dwell in Succoth or he did that on his own volition, perhaps.

“Both Dinah and her parents were at fault.

  1. Jacob failed by choosing to live in close association with evil and immoral people, just as Lot had done.
  2. He failed to supervise his children properly.”

As parents and church leaders, we must not fail to check our family members and congregation to see that they are walking in line with what we believe. More so, let us not in search of greener pastures put our children in the place of temptation and compromise, along with potential shame and disaster!

Also we see here that Jacob seemed to understand the importance of bearing the right name. Named his son Benjamin, son of my right hand, as against Rachel’s Ben-oni – Son of my sorrow!

Genesis 36: Esau Prospered!

Esau prospered very greatly. Had many dukes (chiefs) born to him, but he didn’t prosper spiritually. His children and grandchildren would later become a special object of God’s wrath.

As we prosper materially, we must also make effort to prosper spiritually.

For #la187 team.

What are you waiting for? God has been revealing fresh truths through his word. Join us today, visit for the program. God bless!

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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