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How To #MarryWell

The divorce rate is getting high in our time. While some are asking when it is allowed for a man or woman to seek a divorce, we are championing a cause we termed, ‘Marry Well.’
We believe that when we marry well, we have a good foundation for our marriage which can survive the storms of life and marriage.
I asked @solaadio what it might mean to marry well, and he gave these 5 points. I take them very seriously. If you are single, do also consider taking them seriously.

1) That you are marrying a spouse that is saved just like you. 2 Corinthians 6:14

2) That u are both in agreement concerning some basics of life. Amos 3:3

3) That you don’t start ‘milking the cow’ before buying it. Heb 13:4

4) Never agree to marry any man or woman until you have peace from God in your heart about it.

5) Some unions don’t click due to unhandled soul ties in the lives of spouses.

All were pretty clear and straightforward, save for no 5 which deserves more time and space.

Our resource person, @solaadio, who is very happily married, will give us more on Saturday on what soul ties are and how to effectively handle them.

One thing notable about him is that he oozes God.

Check back for the next edition of #Marryher.

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