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#MarryHer: 3 Reasons why relationships do not work – Do Something!
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#MarryHer: 3 Reasons Why Relationships Do Not Work

#MarryHer: 3 Reasons why relationships do not work

It is true that relationships are no longer as long lasting as they used to be. By long lasting, I mean leading to a marriage where peace and divine love is manifested. These three reasons might help put some things in perspective.


1. Ignorance of biblical love.


Relationships where biblical love is absent will not last. This is because human love cannot satisfy. You may keep coming back for more until there is no more to give. However, a relationship where biblical (divine) love is manifested will produce fruits. 1 Cor. 13 gives us the qualities of this biblical love: patience, kindness, does not keep a record of wrongs etc.

Are you thinking of getting into a relationship? Make sure you understand biblical love and see that you are a channel through which God can manifest agape love to your generation.
Remember, emotions are not sustainable, biblical love is.

2. Putting God last in the relationship.


God only sustains what he engineers. If you start in the spirit, you need to continue in the spirit. If, however, you start in the flesh it becomes very difficult to sustain the relationship. It practically will not work. This is why many relationships have ended, because they allowed their emotions supersede the presence of God in the relationship.

Take a good look at your current relationship. Is God present? Or is He still at the door knocking?
Are there fruits to show that God is present? Do you do things that drive God out of your relationship?
If so, repent and ask God to come into your relationship. He is merciful and will forgive us all our sins and iniquities. Build your relationship on the right foundation.

3. Previous hurts and pain.

broken heart #Marry Her
This is a combat between fear and faith. When you allow fear to supersede your faith, you let in the devil into that relationship, a recipe for disaster. Always have faith that what God has promised he is able to perform. Forget about yesterday’s pain and look forward to the blessings of today. Don’t live and relate in fear, thinking, “It will happen again.” Rather act in faith. Confess positively that “God will complete the good work he has started in you.”
Let God heal your heart. No man or woman can heal your heart. When that is done, you can then freely love your partner.

marry her

May God help us not be distracted or be in a hurry to enter relationships. And may we make a decision to do it God’s way.

You will marry well!

by Stephanie Anyaeche

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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  1. Totally agree with your reasons above-being married for over 4 years and learning from other people’s experiences also suggests to me that selfishness and lack of commitment are other major reasons relationships fail. Godly and lasting relationships take time, effort sacrifice, compromise which some young people might not be committed enough to follow through. But I definitely agree doing it God’s way makes it easer.

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