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Building the Church in the New Dispensation – Do Something!
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Building The Church In The New Dispensation

Building the Church in the New Dispensation

Building the Church in the New Dispensation

By Pastor W.F. Kumuyi

God has called us, and therefore will equip us for the ministry in Jesus name.
You will begin to minister with new breakthroughs.
The Lord said, I will build the church, and although he is not here physically, he has you!

Don’t compromise with the world.
Don’t cooperate with the world.
Don’t condescend to the level of the world.

We are called to:
1. Convert the worldly – we want to call them out of the world and into Christ.
2. Convict the wicked
3. Confront the wayward. You cannot win souls to God if you are dodging issues
4. Compel the wanderers with a convincing kind of communication – telling them that Jesus Christ has died for them.
5. Conquer the world. The world will not conquer you. Their corruption and compromise will not conquer you.
We have what it takes and we are not going in empty handed. We have the word and the anointing.

Are they sick? You’ll heal them.
Poor? You’ll prosper them.
Weak? You’ll strengthen them.

6. Confront the world.
7. Contend for the faith without wavering.

By the grace of God, you will stand firm in Jesus name.

We are to see to the conversion of the people of this world. and the Lord will give us power to get it done in Jesus name.

Acts 3:19 – Peter was converted and became powerful for God.

John 16:7 –

The sinners you confront and preach to will be converted in Jesus name.

Luke 14:23 – Go out and compel them to come in.

The Lord says you have the message, you have the key. So compel them to come in that God’s house will be filled.

Mark 16:20

1. Christs purpose for his purchased purified church
Acts 20:28; Acts 15:14
Christ purchased us with his blood.
We need to call them out of idolatry. Exodus 3:10

TO take out a people for his name.

Acts 7:38; Leviticus 20:26

The church belongs to God because they are bought with a price. As we build the church, we are telling sinners to come out from their sin and wickedness; and when they turn and repent and believe in the Lord Jesus, and they are washed and there is transformation of life, they become the people of GOd, the church of God, and the called out people.

Knowing what the church is, we are to:
1. Evangelize all sinners in every community. Matthew 28:18. Any community you find yourself, remember that Christ is abiding with you there; you will not fail.

How often will God be with you?
There is a greater power on your side.
Luke 27:47 – Preach repentance and remission of sins in the name of Jesus everywhere!

2. Edify all saints in every congregation. We are building up. We are edifying, transforming, changing, strengthening the people – the saints of God in the church.
Ephesians 4:11
1 Corinthians 14:12
2 Corinthians 12:19
we must not be excuse makers – we must always give our best as ministers. I will not be an excuse maker.

3. Equip all servants for the essential commission.
That means you train, that means you develop.
2 Timothy 2:2; Phillipians 4:9; Colossians 4:12,17
You will not only labor when it is convenient; you will not labor sluggishly, carelessly, half heartedly. We should serve fervently.
You will fulfil your ministry in Jesus name.

2. Christs Precepts for His Precious Priestly Church

1. Dedicate your life to preach the whole truth. Lay your life on the altar and say, This life will do one thing – serve the Lord (Revelation 2:2-3).
2. Demonstrate the grace of patience and perseverance. In the middle of a race, you might be tired, you are not stone. Lions get tired and sleep sometimes. But in the midst of the tiredness, you pray that the due of heaven will fall on your tired soul. You do that perseveringly and patiently.
3. Devote yourself to love truly and to love fully. Let it be known that there goes a man that loves God with all his soul, mind and strength (vv. 4-5). God wants that burning love, that first love, that overflowing commitment to Him and His work.
4. Dissociate yourself from compromisers and corrupters. Make your friendship conditional on loving God and serving God (v. 6). You must hate evil. Disallow from your pulpit anyone that will mislead your congregation.
5. Deny self and embrace the cross of persecution. Even though it might be difficult, you do it fearlessly (vv. 8-10). Success sometimes will bring difficulty, but thank God you are ready.
6. Dare to plant a church, dare to pastor a church in the most difficult place. Take it as a challenge, pray and fast, hv the powr and the courage of the almighty, and may the spirit of Caleb come upon you – give me this mountain. You will not run away from challenges (vv. 13). You will keep on standing.
7. Determine never to overlook sin in anyone in the church. Don’t be like a jellyfish without backbone. Rebuke the sin in the erring brother, and ensure they repent and turn to God. Rev 2:19
8. Direct your efforts to convert sinners and backsliders in the church. Rev 3:!
9. Discern open doors of opportunity in ministry. Open doors for you to reach coworkers in the office, those in the marketplace. Recognize them and bring the gospel appropriately ( Rev. 3:7). From today, you will recognize new opportunities to serve the Lord.
10. Depend on Christ’s power and unfailing promises (v. 10). The Lord will keep you. You will go from strength to strength in Jesus name.
11. Declare and defend the truth whatever the cost. Rev. 3:11
12. Deal with lukewarmness in yourself and in the church (Rev 3:15-18). Power as of old has come again. Divine energy from above has come again. I pray that lethargy and lukewarmness will get out of every life in Jesus name.

3. Christ Power through His pressing prevailing church

Matthew 16:19 – God will give unto you the keys of the kingdom. Whoever has the key has the final say. The people of the world are waiting, they are looking for the one with the key. The key of power, of anointing, of unction, shall be opened before you in Jesus name. As you have the key you are going to go out into the world and open the door for those locked in sickness, sin, darkness. You will set captives free and deliver the oppressed and great things will happen through you in Jesus name.

Will you take that key today?

God gave Moses a key – the rod in his hand, and with that rod he overcame. That was his own key.

Your key is the name of Jesus.

One who has the key talks confidently. As you go out now, you will talk confidently. Thank God tonight I have something!

Declare: I have the key.

You are rising up. Have the key tonight. Have the power of the Lord Jesus in your life, the power of the Holy Ghost.

Whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Go and do exploits for the Lord.

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