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How to Know the Will of God – Do Something!
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How To Know The Will Of God

How to Know the Will of God

Post Series: How to Know the Will of God
  • 1.How to Know the Will of God

By Pactor Rick Renner

The will of God for everything in your life is clearly demonstrated by principles in the word of God and if you are willing to open the word of God you’ll find the will of God for your life.,

If you embrace the Bible, it will save you. If you ignore it, you will regret it.

James 1:21

You can’t look at the Bible as an option, it is the perfect law of God. It is the ultimate voice!

When you conform yourself according to the Bible, you are saving your life.

How do you do it?

Pattern yourself according to the word of God.

You can renovate your mind, your brain! You can reshape your mind, but you must make the conclusive decision that the Bible is the final authority in your life; the final voice in your life.

Come to a moment of mental surrender.

God’s word, like God, does not change, and that is why you can build your life on it.

Morals change everywhere..

Who cares if you have money, if you are a servant of sin.

You stay stable, unchanging, you have something you can build your life on when all else fails.

If the Bible becomes the perfect law in your life, you will be free! John 8:32

1. Remember the Bible as the ultimate truth.
2. Read your Bible every day!

Mind – the place that controls your actions. As the word of God bombards your mind, the difficult questions become simple, because your mind has been renovated to think and figure things out – including the good, acceptable and perfect will of God.

Good – Good for you;
Acceptable – Pleasing to God and if you accept it, it becomes pleasing to you.
Perfect – A full grown, adult able to discern what is right, and living in full accordance with the word of God.

As our mind is bombarded with truth, and you put the word to action, the brain can be changed.

Give God your brain and he will give you his will.

Have a mind that is dominated by truth.

Why will God give you a word, if you don’t read his word.

Read the word, have the mind of God, think like God, know God’s will, know God’s will for your life.

The things that appeared so difficult become simple, and the brain quickly discerns what is good, acceptable, and perfect.

If you don’t renew your mind, you abandon yourself to ‘charitable horoscopes’: Give me a word, give me a word.’

Read the word of God and accept his authority over your life.

You’ll begin to think like God.

Are you a Believer of a disciple?

John 14:15

IF the Bible does not have authority over your life, you may be a believer, but you are not a disciple.

Believe the word, apply it, and the difficult things become simple.

God bless you!

Notes by Ikechukwu Amadi, from the sermon by Pastor Rick Renner of Moscow Good News Church.

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