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12 Money Mistakes People Make By Matthew Ashimolowo

12 Money Mistakes People Make by Matthew Ashimolowo

  1. Falling for get rich quick schemes – lotteries, network marketing schemes, pyramids.
  2. Ignorance of the biblical covenant of prosperity.
    God has said you will be rich. Believe it. Job 36:11, Isaiah 1:19
  3. Belief that there is a conspiracy to keep you poor.
    Realize that no one can keep you poor
  4. Belief that currency is hard to earn.
  5. Developing a fruit eater mentality and not that of a seed sower
  6. Believing that a good job is the source of creating prosperity.
    God is the one who gives power to create wealth.
  7. Saving but not saving smartly.
    Saving in treasury bills is a smart way to save; and not just saving when there is inflation higher than the interest rate.
    Savings accounts are easy to access and easy to dispense. Don’t put your money in easy access.
  8. Irresponsible use of our resources.
  9. Withholding benevolence is a money mistake
  10. Cheating to get wealth is a money mistake
  11. Refusing to try again because of previous failure.
    That you started a business that folded up doesn’t mean you’re not cut out for business.
  12. Downward investments instead of upward investments.
    Downward investments are anything that does not increase in value – clothes, shoes, cars, furniture, and carpets.


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