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Stop Treating Prayer As Something Special!

How to Pray!

I recently listened to this message, ‘How to Pray’ by Myles Munroe, from the The Kingdom Culture of Prayer and Fasting series, and was led to sit down and jot down several major points, that if read and applied, could change your life forever. It is not long. Settle down, read and pray! Enjoy!—————————————–
Stop treating prayer as something special!
Beans and rice is not special. The reason they are not special is because they are part of our culture.

Prayer is part of our culture.
The Value of Prayer:
1. Everything God is and has is available to mankind through prayer.
God says, ‘No good thing will I withhold
from the upright man’, but the access is via prayer.

2. Without prayer God will not do anything on the earth. Without God, man cannot.

Thus, prayer is a corporate activity between heaven and earth.

Martin Luther said this, ‘The more work I have to do in the day, the longer I pray in the morning.’

No wonder he changed the world, because he was in the bowels of prayer.

When you are a man or woman of prayer God reveals things to you.

More work is done by prayer than work itself. Hence prayer is the key.
God has integrity. He does not break his own law. God’s law is that he has given man dominion over the earth. His only access is through man.
Motivation to pray for healing:
Don’t ask God to heal you because you feel bad, ask him to heal you because it is good for Him!
Say, “Lord, heal me, because you need this.”

3. Nothing will happen on earth without mankind.
God needs your body.

Pray this prayer, “Lord, fix your access!”

Don’t just wait till you are sick before you pray that prayer, the sickness might be in you. But hasn’t showed up yet. So pray!

“God heal me for your sake.”

God hates it when you waste your time, because he can’t use you.

God didn’t save you because he is sorry for you, he saved you so He could use your access.

4. God cannot interact on earth without the co-operation of humanity.

5.Man holds the power of license on earth.
A sovereign God has the sovereign power to limit His sovereignty to make. You sovereign.
God loves you so much that he wants you to share in His power; “let them have dominion.”
“I want my kids to feel what Daddy feels when Daddy is in charge,” God says.
When you kick God out of the picture, you cause trouble.
You were not designed to live without the designer!
Prayer is mankind giving heaven the authority to perform God’s work on earth.
Prayer is taking God’s word back to Him.
When you have a problem never say the problem.
The worst thing to do in life iss to describe your problem.
“Let the weak say I’m strong.”
“Let the poor say I am rich.”
Your tongue has death and life in it.
“Say it, see it!”
Prayer is not telling God what’s wrong, prayer is telling God that he promised to fix what’s wrong!
Gen 1:1-3. ‘Darkness was visible. Light was pronounced to be.’

Never pray what you see. Pray what you desire!
God saw darkness, but didn’t say what he saw, He said what He desired.

Paul had such a positive speech.

‘Because I believe, I speak!’

Tell your neighbour, ‘I am coming out!

God promised me, “many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him from them all.’

When your neighbour asks you, ‘how you doing?’. Say, ‘I’m being delivered!’
Howz your. Marriage/relationship?
‘Being delivered’

God is looking for you to give Him His word to perform.

‘Let the weak say, ‘I am strong!’

Say it, ‘My back is good! My body is good!’

Give God work to do! God performs only good things.’

Say, ‘I am rich!’

Give God work to do!

Don’t say, ‘I am sick!’ Say ‘I am well!’

*speaking in tongues.*

Someone asks you about school, don’t complain, say, ‘I’m working on it! School is fine!’

‘My future is bright!’
‘I am a giver!’

‘Lord, this is your week. Be it unto me, just as you have spoken it.’

‘I’m a happy person.’

Matthew 18:19-20.
God has given you power on earth. Once you agree on something concerning His will, with another human, it shall be done for you on earth!

You don’t need a lot of people. You just need one person. And this is a good reason for marriage! So you can live the rest of your life as your agreement partner.

So if you are looking for someone to marry, check out how they pray!

*i started out with nothing when my wife married me, but she had someone who could agree with her in prayer.*

You don’t just want someone beautiful and handsome, you want someone to agree with you.

– Prayer is God keeping His promises to earth through man.
-Prayer is mankind transacting God’s business on earth.
-God needs an intermediary in order to transact business on earth.
-Prayer is Heaven’s program to INFLUENCE earth.

Life is about influence. Things are happening on earth because we are letting it happen.

God wants you to be positive influence in your school, workplace; and you need not talk to people, talk to God!

– think of Daniel influencing Babylon from His bedroom.
-of Joseph influencing Egypt from his prison cell.

As a housekeeper, you get to influence by praying over beds,
-Working in a restaurant, pray over the plates, such that as they eat the meat, you are influencing them.

They will see their attitudes change and wouldn’t know what is changing them.

Prayer is not a religious act, it is a political act.
-prayer is petitioning, and petitions are only presented to governments.
-Petitions are based on Constitutional Rights.

The Bible in your hand is your precedence.

Precedence is a document showing that it has happened before.

You feel like you are in hell fire, pull out your Bible and show it to God. “ok, hmmn, I see. Shadrack, Mesach, Abednego, hell fire,”

Show it to God and say, “you did it for Shadrack, you can do it for me!”

In the olden days, God always said to the Israelites, “I did it before.”

-Prayer is the petitioning of authority for rights guaranteed in constitutional law.

This is why you have to learn prayer. You cannot walk into a court room just like that. You need to study the Word, or lean heavily on the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost is called the Counsellor. He is the Chief Attorney. He puts it in words that God can understand what exactly the problem is. And the Holy Spirit knows the mind of God and knows what God wants to hear.

Praying in the spirit protects you from making mistakes in prayer!

The kingdom definition of prayer:

To grant terrestrial license for celestial interference.

Prayer is man exercising his legal authority on earth to invoke heaven’s influence on planet earth.

Therefore, what happens on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, depends on what you say.

That’s why you have to memorize the Bible.
The Bible is the material for God to perform!
When you have problems in life, what are you going to tell God?

People think that the Holy Spirit will help you pray by giving you info. The Holy Spirit will bring to your rememberance what you’ve learnt. And if you haven’t learned the Word, the Holy Spirit will remind you nothing!

This is why watching soap operas for hours is dangerous. As that’s only what you remember!

Make this a year you read the Bible. you don’t read the Bible to be Spiritual, you read it to get material that the Holy Spirit can remind you of!
You think you read the Bible to remember it. No! You don’t need to remember it, someone is there to remember it for you!
So go home and read Habakuk!

Say you’ve never read the book of Habakuk, and the solution to the problem is in Habakuk; the Holy Spirit searches through your spirit searching for Habakuk, but never finds it. Sadly, he finds all kinds of junk! He is looking for something to help you.

You gotta read the Word, don’t bother to remember it. The Holy Spirit will remember it for you!

Some of you have never read Jeremiah, and Jerry is so depressed. “You never read me,” he says, “and I got answers to your problems!”

Solutions are all through the Library. That Book is the Library. The Holy Spirit is there, he is the counselor, and he pulls the books from your library.

He takes a look at your brain and sees only Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, and the rest of it are empty…and God says, ‘This is a small library!’

You are 50 years old and you got two books in it! Or maybe Psalm 23, and God says, ‘Oh boy, this is empty, I got 150 psalms!”

I will read my Bible this year!
Kingdom Definition:

Prayer is the Colony (mankind) of the Kingdom (Heaven) petitioning the Kingdom’s government (Father) through the Authority of the Govvernor (Holy Spirit) in the Name of the King (Jesus Christ).

Everything in a kingdom is done in the name of the king.
Earth can’t do anything without heaven, but Heaven can’t do anything on earth without access.

*God bless you for reading. Don’t stop at reading only, make a definite decision to go on your knees, pray and apply the principles listed above.*
I’m praying!

p.s if you are not motivated to share this link with someone, it didn’t make sense to you it shows!

  • So much food in this to digest!!! It will take a while, but thank you for diligently taken down notes, and God bless Myles Munroe for clarifying this wisdom, and God bless us all as we make prayer as necessarily precious yet default as breathing! Amen!

    • Thanks man for reading and commenting!

  • Shadadadadosh #speakingINtongues# hallelujah…powerful words…I’m so inspired & blessed….tnx 4 sharing bro.

    • Thanks man, for reading and commenting

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