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Do You Have #AcceleratedPromotion ?

hgs-marchPastor E. A Adeboye of the Reedemed Chistian Church of God (RCCG) declared this month one of Accelerated Promotion. Read, Pray and be blessed!


Promotion is in seven categories:

1. Regression: Mark 5:25-34: The woman with the issue of blood spent all she had, and instead of getting better, she grew worse. Forces beyond her control kept her growing worse. Physically, financially, she depleted.
Whatever has been pushing you back, the fire of God will consume in Jesus name.

2. Repression: Means there are forces pushing you down and holding you down, and anytime you try to rise up, there is this force holding you down. Judges 6:3-16, the bible tells us that a certain group of people decided to torture the children of Israel, when they were planting, they didn’t bother them, but as soon as they harvested their crops, they moved in like locusts, gathered everything and left, and these people had to start again.

All those forces pulling you down, the fire of God will come down and burn them in Jesus name.

3. Stagnation: No progress at all. No forward movement, no upward movement; just stagnant like a pond. John 5:29. In the name of the one who made heaven and earth, whatever force that has been holding you stagnant shall be destroyed tonight.

4. Retardation. It means there is growth, but it is so slow that it becomes embarrassing. When you see a child who is ten years old behaving like a child who is just 3 years old, you say the child is retarded. The problem with retardation is that the progress is so little it becomes an embarrassment. It can also mean trapped destiny.
In Genesis 49:1-4, the Bible tells us that when Jacob was about to die, he called his children together and started to make pronouncements. He told Reuben that he will not excel in spite of the energy he possessed. from that day onward, the
destiny of Reuben was trapped.
Any spirit of retardation is destroyed in your life in Jesus name!

5, Normal promotion: Maybe once in five years you are remembered. This is not the plan of God for the child of God
In John 10:10, Jesus said he came that we may have life and have it more abundantly. The problem with normal promotion is that it is normal. For example you attend a state function, and then it is time for refreshment and they say all head of states will be refreshed at such and such a place, governors… commissioners, at such and such a place, and all others will be refreshed in
the stadium.
I decree tonight that from this day forward, you will leave the level of ‘all others’

“there is someone here, Lazarus heard my voice and came out from the grave. That project will hear my voice tonight.”
“The lord asked me to tell someone here today that , “The more souls you win the bigger you will become.”
“None of your children will die small.”

6. Assisted promotion: Someone interested in your welfare, interferes and brings you to the level you are not yet qualified for. Yes you work hard, but this time someone says, “let us help this fellow, let us lift him higher”
I decree to someone that God will bring someone to help you in Jesus name.

Assisted promotion can be seen in the case of Esau and Jacob when Isaac sent Esau to get him food. Mama maneuvered everything to make sure that Jacob had the blessing.
From the East help is coming your way. In Jesus name.
From the West help is coming your way.

7. Accelerated Promotion: Accelerated Promotion is the promotion that is completely unusual. You are the bottom today, the next moment you are at the top. A very good example is in 1 Sam 16:11-13, tells us the story of David in the bush and suddenly a messenger came to him saying he was wanted at home. He came home and as soon as he came, the Lord spoke to the prophet to anoint him
king of Israel. One moment he was a shepherd boy, the next moment he was a king. That is what is called accelerated promotion.
Your promotion is already settled!

You will never go hungry again!
There is someone here tonight, from now on, anyone who tries to block your way shall be trampled to death.

Let us take the area of health.
In Mark 2:1-12, there was a man who was completely helpless, paralyzed from neck downwards and his friends had to do everything for him. On hearing that Jesus was near, they carried him to Jesus. Being determined that they would not go back home with that problem. They carried him in, he walked back home!
Have you been told that the doctors cannot do anything for you, you will receive good news.

Healing is in categories and the Almighty God will accelerate your healing in Jesus name.

Bondage to forces of darkness
Mark 5:1-20, the Bible tells us of the madman did not spend nights with a deliverance minister, within an hour, not only was he completely delivered, he became an evangelist for God. He switched from the power of darkness to the mountain top with the lord Jesus Christ.
Several years ago, a bank manager ran mad and they had to get four hefty policemen to grab him. They handcuffed him and were carrying him somewhere, but he begged them, in his madness, to take him to Redemption Camp.” I know if I get there I will be alright,” he said. I was in my first office when they brought him. He was looking very wild. He told the policemen that if his feet
touched the Redemption Camp he’ll be free. The man became well as soon as he set feet on the camp. The policemen asked to pray for them!
Because of his experience, he won four souls in a single moment! Not only are you going to be free, but when you leave this place you will begin to set the captives free.

Material possession
2 Kings 4:1-7 tells us the story of a woman who was so heavily in debt that her creditors wanted to sell her sons in order to recover their money. She cried to the man of God, he prayed and gave instructions: Go home, do this, do this. By the time she returned, not only was her debt cleared, but she had enough money to last her her lifetime!
God is going to accelerate you financially so mightily that poverty will become a stranger to you.

For the benefit of those of you who are hearing this for the first time and for those of you who are asking, “can I one of the 71 billionaires’ (Prophecy of 71 Billionaires)

“My son, don’t limit me to 71”
-“Father, as many billionaires as possible.” ( If you want to be one of them, say, ‘I am one of them’)

You know the story of the Arab boy who gave his life to Jesus; and because they wanted to kill him for converting to Christianity, he traveled to London. And because he no papers and couldn’t get a good job, he worked in a fast food restaurant.
One day, a wealthy Arab came to London to buy houses but couldn’t speak English. The wealthy Arab would see a house that he likes and say, “House, I buy!” The owner of the house will send him off.
After a while, he was tired; on seeing a sign that food was ready, headed to eat. He grumbled in Arabic, which made the Arab boy to be interested in him.

The Arab boy and wealthy man started a conversation and on knowing that he spoke English, wanted the services of the young man. The young man asked
how much he is willing to pay. the man answered one million pounds per day!
The boy went to the owner of the restaurant and said ‘bye bye’
There is someone here tonight who is crossing the border of poverty forever!
God made you number 1 and number 1 you will remain.

The Spiritual:
2 Kings 2:9-15
In the morning Elisha was just the son of a farmer following a prophet around. By evening, he was the father of all the sons of the prophets. By evening, he had doubled the power of Elijah.

Prohecy:spiritual promotion has come tonight.

“Celebrations come and go, but I will make your celebration last forever!”
“I will start you with unusual blessing, I will move to overwhelming blessing, and i will end you with unimaginable blessing.” [Amen]

Whether you go up or not is dependent on who is holding your hand
If satan is holding your hand–>shame.

If you are holding unto the devil, –> lower and lower.

You cannot hold God with one hand and the devil with another.

“The idea of being a christian and behaving like the son of the devil must stop.”

Accelerated promotion requires divine intervention.

Prayer Points you’ll need to pray on your own:

1. Praise God that he has brought this day to pass in your life.
2. You’ll say, “Father, every force pushing me backward or pressing me down, please destroy tonight!”
3. “Father, every trace of stagnation or retardation in my life, clear them off now!”
4. Father, move me to a higher level rapidly. Accelerate my promotion.
5. Father, draw me closer to yourself, speedily.
6. Father, make my promotion permanent.
7. Father, please use me to promote others, physically, materially and spiritually.

These are the prayer points you’ll pray at your own convenience.

When God wants to do something extraordinary, it usually doesn’t make sense. when he told Joshua to march round the city of Jericho six times in six days and seven times on the seventh day, it didn’t make sense that that was how victory was to be won.

When three kings came to attack Jehosephat, God told him that all he had to do was sing. It didn’t make sense, but God surprised them!
That Jordan standing between you and your destiny is parting tonight! [Amen] Elisha never went back.
You will never go back into failure, in Jesus name!

Beginning from now, your accelerated promotion will be permanent.

Very soon, people who see you will say, “Wonderful”

So shall it be, in Jesus name I have declared. Amen!

You are already blessed.

Your case has been settled.


p.s Bookmark, Believe, and be Blessed! Share for others to be blessed as well. This is time for our accelerated promotion. No sin, nor satan can stop us!



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