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Greatness, the drop.

“There’s a drop of greatness in every man.”

There’s an illusion out there: a crippling debilitating limiting illusion; an illusion borne out of good intentions, but an illusion nonetheless. This illusion is responsible for the fatalistic self-defeating ordinary lives that people lead today.

The illusion asserts that greatness is for a select few. That only the best of us, those who boast an IQ of 130 and above, have mountains for chests and have blue blood flowing in their veins can dare to dream of greatness while the rest of us can only marvel and gaze in astonishment at the exploits of the Nephilims – giants – around us.Greatness I believe is a trait every one of us carries in our loins regardless of our gait, intelligence, bloodline or financial status. We all have the seed of greatness in us, lying dormant and waiting for the day we will throw off the oppressive limiting belief that has held us bound in chains and made us lead lives filled with pathos and despair. We surrender our lofty dreams and aspirations because we have been conditioned to think that we can never make it or that we are too broke, sick and small to dream. Like Joseph in the bible, our family, well-meaning friends and society may have told us that if there was ever anything great about us, it is our stupidity to even envisage greatness. They may have laughed at our dreams and made us the butt of countless jokes. We may have been called names just like Joseph’s brothers tagged him ‘The dreamer’.

What the mockers do not know is that we do not have to erect monuments nor be a Mother Theresa to be great. We do not have to give all our fortune to the poor nor do we have to control armies to be great. There is such a thing as ‘everyday greatness’: the greatness of small acts; a kind word, a smile, a listening ear, an empathetic heart, a giving hand, gracious lips that speak life to weary bones, a hand of friendship. These are the many faces of everyday greatness – the greatness of little things; things that make life easier for the person next door. The greatness that shows our common humanity and that out of many we are one.

This is the greatness that lies in us all – everyday greatness!

Thus, you and I must choose to let that greatness in us shine forth. We must daily yearn to show forth that greatness by doing that thing you know to do; that very thing that will lighten another man’s burden.

My soul, will you not let greatness shine forth through you?

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Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Great write up. I agree with you that we all have the seeds of greatness in us. It’s our responsibility to nurture those seeds till the become healthy trees that bears fruits in abundance. The seeds are God’s gifts to us. The fruits are our gifts to God!

  • Oyindamola Olatunji

    Our greatness is in our individual pecularities and potentials. As we pursue both with joy, we are unleashing our greatness. Don’t ever give up!

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